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There's a lot of really cool weapons in a far Eastern arsenal. That includes the hooked swords. Negato's been training in these special weapons and is ready to bring them to your tabletops in Bushido.
Bushido is getting itself a new faction this upcoming weekend as Inari’s Judgement is making its way to tabletops. Those at Gen Con will be able to pick them up directly from GCT at the show while the
A new 2-player starter set is coming soon for Bushido. Looking to get into the game with a buddy? It's a perfect way to do so. In this preview, we get a look at one of the minis that will be contained
Want to be the first gamer on your block with the next set of Bushido releases from GCT Studios? Then, you'd better head over and get your name on the list for Wave 6. There's new individual figures a
GCT has some new Bushido releases up right over the hill. One such is Atsunobu. Get a look at this new figure and his stats in this preview.
GCT Studios has a bunch of new Bushido releases available to order over in their webshop. That includes limited quantities of the new 2-player box set. It's a perfect way for you and a buddy to get in
While today's kinda nice, it's been rather cold lately. Having someone around who could control fire would certainly be nice. And soon, Botan will be able to do just that on your Bushido tabletops. Ge
There's a bear mini! Ok, got that out of my system. But yes, there's new Bushido releases available for pre-order from GCT Studios and it includes a new bear figure. You know which one I'm planning on
Six new releases available to pre-order for Bushido from GCT Studios. Six factions getting an addition to their ranks. Head on through and see who's got someone coming to reinforce the pack. And get y
GCT Studios is apparently planning on posting two Bushido previews for us today. The first one is for a new Temple of Ro-Kan figure set. We get a look at Taiki and his monkey friend, Niseru.
Babypuppies! There's new babypuppies coming soon to Bushido. GCT Studios is showing off a new unit that they'll be releasing for the game soon. It's got babypuppies!
A new faction is coming soon for Bushido. They're the Shiho Clan and their return to the Jwar Isles will definitely stir things up. Get a look at these new figures in their preview announcement.
The Jwar isles are steeped in magic and mysticism. Those that can tap into the spirit realm can wield great power. And that's just what the witches of Yurie do. You can get a look at their Yuta of Yur
The hulking Oni are quite a force to be reckoned with on the battlefields in Bushido. Soon, a new one will be hitting tabletops. He's the Eldest Brother and we get a look at his figure as well as his
A whole giant batch of new Bushido figures are going to be hitting shelves soon from GCT Studios and they figured that you might like a look at what's coming. I know I would. So, here we are.
It's been far too long since we've heard from Odin and the boys over at GCT Studios. But I'm happy to say that they've got a new batch of Bushido minis available to pre-order now over on their website
This year's Gen Con is unique in that everyone with an internet connection can go. It certainly saves on travel and hotel expenses, that's for sure. But while we're not all descending upon downtown In
Though UK Games Expo isn't going on because of the pandemic, GCT Studios is still giving you the sale that they'd be running if the show was happening. You can head over to their webshop and get yours
The Risen Sun era of Bushido is here. GCT Studios' fantasy miniatures game gives you a lot more for your forces than just the figures. There's the special decks that go along with each faction as well
I have often lauded starter sets for games as a great place to get going in a game. They're usually a force ready-to-play once out of the box (and sometimes assembled) that can get you going. But what
Bushido, the miniatures game with far-Eastern flair from GCT Studios, is getting a new edition soon. Along with pre-orders for the new 2-player starter, you can get five of the different clan starter
Bushido (I'll admit, one of my favorite miniatures games), is getting a new edition. It's called Risen Sun and GCT Studios has started taking pre-orders for it. You can get the rulebook. You can get r
The next wave of Bushido releases is coming from GCT Studios. They've got a preview of these six new figures up over on their website. One's a group of giant crabs! They've also updated their playtest
GCT Studios has a lot going on for you in this update. They've got a new painting competition they're running over on their website. They've also got a huuuuuuuge preview of the next wave of Bushido r
GCT Studios will have a new wave of Bushido releases coming out soon. They've started the previews with a look at the first piece of artwork for a new figure. Along with that, they've been working on