Review Roundup

Here we are back on Saturday. Hard to believe it’s as late as it is already. Day just seems to be flying by. If there’s any day of the week that I usually hope “drags on,” it’s Saturday. But not so today. I’ve been up since 3:15am (that’s just what time my brain decided to be awake this morning), and can’t believe how late it already is. But, one of the last things I really need to get done is get you those reviews you so desperately desire.

This week, we have: HEXploreit: The Forest of Adrimon, The First Steps of Calais, Vinyl, Mobster Metropolis, Rise of Moloch, Lotus iOS, Manhattan, Empires, Stuffed Fables, Hellapagos, Bunny Kingdom, The Fox in the Forest, and Burning Suns.

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