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Burn In Designs

Burn In Designs has a new 6mm terrain series, Federation City, for you minis players out there.From the release:Federation City is the initial release of Burn In Designs new line of 6mm terrain. The s
Burn In Designs helps keep your paint collection organized with their new Paint Storage Units available over in their webshop.From the release:Burn In Designs has just released a new paint storage uni
Burn In Designs has new Metaverse Towers available over on their website.From the announcement:Burn In Designs is pleased to announce a new line of Sci-Fi theme buildings, Metaverse Towers. This is sy
Burn In Designs helps keep the baddies out with their new Energy Barricades.From the release:Today we look at a new defensive wall system to complement the Laser Defense Walls. This time around we hav
Burn In Designs gives you some options to spice up your sci-fi tabletop with their new Street Dressing Kits.From the release:Burn In Designs is releasing new collection of scifi themed street dressing
Burn In Designs has a new line of Sci-Fi themed terrain available. Stop using your sister's old dollhouses and get yourself some real terrain.From the release:The Mews at Windsor Heights is a fictiona
Burn In Design protects your models while keeping the enemy at bay with their new Laser Defense Walls.From the release:Burn In Designs is getting back into sci-fi gaming with new laser cut kits. First
Burn In Designs gives you a place for your common clay of the New West miniatures with their Rock Ridge terrain sets.The Sheriff is near!From the release:We are pleased to announce the first wave of t
Burn In Designs has some new tiered storage units with which you can keep your paint nice and neat. That old shoebox is a disaster, so stop using it.From the release:Burn In Designs has released 4 new

Tokyo Jutaku: Architecture Game
Burn In Design is starting up a new set of themed dice towers. Here's their first one. Guess Who it's based on.From the announcement:Who says a dice tower can't be fun. This is the first in a series o
Burn In Designs has a better way to store your paint than just chucking it all in that old shoebox like you've been doing. They've got new vertical paint storage units for the job.From the release:Bur