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BRW Games

Music is a pretty important part of my life. I've pretty much got it going all the time. I used to play trumpet. But even then, while music might be my life, it's not my entire world. Such is not the
BRW Games is having themselves a sale over on RPGNow in honor of this wonderful season we're in.SourceFrom the sales sheet:It's here!From June 20-22, BRW Games is having a sale, with 30% off all of ou
BRW Games has released the Bestiary book for Adventures Dark and Deep. What DM couldn't use some more monsters to throw at unsuspecting PCs?SourceFrom the release:The Adventures Dark and Deep™ Bestiar
BRW Games has posted their Game Master's Toolkit for Adventures Dark and Deep up online.From the update:The second of the core rulebooks for Adventures Dark and Deep™ is now available! The Game Master
BRW Games has released their Adventures Dark and Deep players manual.From the announcement:The Adventures Dark and Deep™ Players Manual is now available for sale in both hard cover and soft cover vers
BRW Games has their Adventures Dark and Deep RPG players guide up on Kickstarter and is just a little short of their funding, but with still plenty of time to go to make it.From the campaign:BRW Games