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On the Lamb Games has released the Black Kiwi! Run! Run for your lives! Run for the hills! ... or just order it from their website and harness the power for yourself!From the update:The Black Kiwi is
On the Lamb will be making their way to The WarStore Weekend next week. Stop by and say, "Hi!" and try out Brushfire and Endless Fantasy Tactics.Next week (26th-28th) we'll be at The Warstore Weekend
On the Lamb Games gives us another view into the evolution of a mini with another look at their upcoming Gecko Rider WIP.From the preview:Another WIP of the Gecko Rider for Scyzantium by Bob Naismith.
On the Lamb Games had one preview of their Gecko Rider, well here's another, with some more detail added (and better picture quality overall, too, I'd say).From the preview:Another batch of pictures o
On the Lamb Games previewed the artwork for this fella. Now they've got a WIP green of him. I present the Gecko Rider.From the preview:Bob Naismith sent along some WIP pics of his latest work for us,
On the Lamb Games has a new piece of concept art up for their upcoming Gecko Rider for Scyzantium. Theirs are systems I'm definitely looking more into lately.From the preview:New piece of concept artw
On The Lamb Games are a great group of people and I loved meeting them at GenCon last weekend. Anyway, they've got some exciting things coming up for Brushfire and here's one of 'em. The Valkyr Mk. 1.
On The Lamb Games has some new paper miniatures available over on Wargame Vault to give you a chance to try out Brushfire on the cheap.From the announcement:Want to give Brushfire a try without having
On The Lamb Games put up a new piece of concept art on their website for Red Wu, plus they've got a green of one of their first minis from their Kickstarter campaign, The Veiled Assassin.From the upda
Brushfire has successfully made their lowest goal on Kickstarter, but if you want to start seeing some stretch goals, you gotta get out there and help! To entice you, here's some artwork they've been
Brushfire is having a successful Kickstarter campaign and to make it even better, they've added in a new enticement... Dice! Everyone loves dice.From the update:Every backer who has chosen to receive
On The Lamb Games has their Kickstarter project fully funded, so they've got new stretch goals to reach for!From the update:We've hit 100% on our Kickstarter for Brushfire's last two factions. That me
On The Lamb Games posts up a new green they've got in for their Valkyr Pilot. Wanna see? Ok.From their website:Daniel has sent along some new green pics, including this fine Gerbil pilot of the Vandal
Brushfire, by On the Lamb Games, is fundraising up on Kickstarter in order to finish out their last 2 factions. Go have a look-see.From the announcement:We've just launched a Kickstater Campgain for B
On The Lamd Games posts new pre-orders in their shop for Brushfire.From their website:Several new preorders have been added to the shop, these are expected to ship in March.Shrew Hussar/Carbineer Blis
On The Lamb Games previews new greens for Brushfire. From their site: Capybara Marine for Mare-Civitas, Sculpted by Daniel Fokine.Sand Guard for Scyzantine, Sculpted by David Whiting.We want your help
On the Lamb Games have posted photos on new greens for their Brushfire: Rodentia fantasy game.Axony's Devon Brigadier (Devon Rexes) Sculpted by Daniel Fokine, Fall 2011 ReleaseScyzantine's Sand Guard
On the Lamb Games is holding a contest to promote their new Facebook pages. From their announcement: We've created fanpages for Brushfire & Legendary Realms. In addition, we're going to hold a contes
On the Lamb Games will be releasing the Brushfire figures for the Pride Lioness & Hyena Witch Doctor at GenCon 2011.
On the Lamb Games is now offering several Brushfire Beginner Bundles for their Brushfire Historia Rodentia game. From their announcement: In a few weeks it will be 1 year since the first printed edit
On the Lamb Games have posted a preview of the green for the upcoming Brushfire Axony - Heavy Brigadier figure. From their announcement: Here are some pics of the 'brown' for Axony's first hero, the
On the Lamb Games have posted photos of their latest green, the Pride Lioness. From their announcement: Daniel has sent over some finished pictures of the Pride Lioness sculpt for Zabar. This model
On the Lamb Games will soon be releasing a resculpted version of their adger-At-Claw figure. From their announcement: Next month brings the release of the resculpted Badger-At-Claw by Daniel Fokine