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Man! Today sure has been busy! I've gotten a bunch of photos taken. I've talked to a lot of really cool people. I've gotten a demo of a brand new game (demo report forthcoming). And I've had Portillo'
It's been quite a while since we've had us some Brushfire news. Basically, the game went on a hiatus while On the Lamb worked on Endless Fantasy Tactics and some other items. Well, now there's a chanc
On the Lamb Games is once more offering their limited edition Black Kiwi mini over in their webshop.SourceFrom the website:Originally released for a limited time during Halloween of 2012, The Black Ki
On the Lamb Games is getting a list together of all of your Brushfire (or potential Brushfire) players out there that would like their new Loxodon mini when it's released.SourceFrom the announcement:Z
On the Lamb Games didn't get this posted up early enough to make their "regular" 2pm spot. So it's going here instead. They've got their Cult of Exomorphism book for Brushfire now available in print.S
On the Lamb Games is showing off the green for Kardaax, a new mini soon to be available for Brushfire.SourceFrom the preview:Kardaax, Scyazantine exemplar coming soon...
On the Lamb Games is taking down names of those of you gamers out there that want their Cult of Exomorphism miniatures for Brushfire as soon as they're released.SourceFrom the announcement:Time for a
On the Lamb Games now has their Brushfire Second Edition available in Digest form (I.E. - Just the "crunch" and none of the "fluff"). Go order yours now.SourceFrom the release:This Digest Edition give
On the Lamb Games has posted up their Second Edition Brushfire cards on their Wargame Vault page for your downloading pleasure.SourceFrom the update:Brushfire Second Edition Stat Cards are now availab
On the Lamb Games is taking names for those that want their upcoming Tamatama model as soon as it's available.From the announcement:New Brushfire preorder on the website! Ribenguo's second Exemplar: T
On the Lamb Games gives us a look at the preview artwork for their upcoming plastic Rat Raiders for Brushfire.I actually got to watch Heath "BA" Foley do the majority of the sketching while at the Coo
On the Lamb Games posted up a green WIP of a new Zabar miniature for Brushfire.From the preview:Zabar needed some more love.. big love.
On the Lamb Games posted up the preview artwork for their upcoming Otter Ashigaru for Brushfire.From the preview:Otter Ashigaru concept sheet by Heath Foley, the first planned Plastic Troop for Brushf
On the Lamb Games retakes their 2pm posting slot with some new WIPs for upcoming Brushfire models.From the preview:Bob sent along a few new WIP Greens: Axony's Bearded Highlander, Chugoku's Changshu D
On the Lamb Games is showing off the green for the first of their upcoming Cult of Exomorphism minis, Legion.From the preview:The first green for The Cult of Exomorphism is Legion, these Ants will mak
On the Lamb Games announced that they're coming out with Brushfire version 2.0 as well as expanding the game's factions with the addition of the Cult of Exomorphism.From the update:ANIMALS GO TO WAR,
CoolMiniOrNot Expo is shaping up to be an awesome event. Here's a look at another of the excellent vendors that is going to be showing off their wares at the show. Today (and since it's 2pm) it's On t
Brushfire, from On the Lamb Games, gets their largest single model release to date with the Valkyr Mk. 1.From the release:Scyzantium isn't the only Brushfire faction getting new releases this month, V
On the Lamb Games has a new Brushfire starter available over in their webshop. This one's the Scyzantine Empire.From the announcement:Scyzantium's Warband is our 7th 1-Player Starter Set released for
On the Lamb Games gives us a preview of the upcoming Tajir Serai, a special model from their Brushfire Kickstarter from last year.From the preview:During last summer's Brushfire Kickstarter we had the
On the Lamb Games will have an exclusive Brushfire mini at Adepticon: Jacques of Martinique. Pre-register for the Con and get yourself one.From the announcement:Decked in the Crusader’s armor, Jacques
On the Lamb Games (yes, I know it's not 2pm) has posted up a review of their 2012 and a look forward to their 2013.From the update:2012 has been a good year for OTLG! We ran two successful Kickstarter
On the Lamb Games is showing off the new Vizier for Brushfire from their Kickstarter funding campaign.They've also wanted to say that the Veiled Assassins (Sculpted by Jason Wiebe) is now shippingFrom
On the Lamb Games posted up a preview of the Lem Han cavalry model for Brushfire.From the preview:Daniel has completed the sculpt for the Lem Han, Chugoku's cavalry unit and will be moving onto Wu Xia
On the Lamb Games gives us a look at their Valkyr MkI for Brushfire. It's a big 'un.From the preview:Our caster just sent along this pic of the Valkyr Mk.1 for Brushfire, along with a Privateer Press