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It's the Saturday before Gen Con. A week from now we'll be shoulder-deep in the show.Of course, that means this weekend is full of running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to get ev
Congratulations! You've made it to Saturday! *throws a little party*Mine's been busy so far. We're just a couple weeks out from Gen Con, and that means about a million little things to get done (along
Haxtec Dragon Dice Tray
Hey there, everyone. I hope you're enjoying your Saturday. Mine's not the greatest, as I'm driving back from visiting my parents. Not that visiting my parents is bad. But the 8.5 hour drive back home
Saturday.Just let that sink in.Saturday.So wonderful.Anyway, being Saturday, we've got our Review Roundup.Today we've got articles on: Frontier Stations, Breaker Blocks, City Hall, Above and Below, WW
Ah... Saturday.Let's not say anything and just bask in its warming warm glowing glow for a moment.... ... ... ... ...Ah, much better.And now, let's get on to our Review Roundup.This week we have: Nati
It's Saturday! Hope you're getting in some gaming. As I mentioned yesterday, I'm currently getting my arm repeatedly jabbed and ink permanently applied to it. It's fun!... Really!...Actually, it's not
It's another Saturday. Hopefully you've got something fun going on.Anyway, here's the reviews we found during the week (it was apparently a big week for posting reviews. There's quite a lot to go thro
As usual, here's the reviews we found during the week.There's quite a few of them. We've got a pair of reviews for Blurble, a look at Dice Crawl from SoulJar Games, an Imperial Assault unboxing, a loo
Even when I was younger and had a bit more disposable income than I do now, I always looked to reviews (mostly through my friends) to let me know if a game was worth picking up or not. Reviews are a v
Brueckenkopf keeps rolling on with their tank week reviews. This time it's the Cromwell Cruiser from Warlord Games.SourceFrom the post:And another tank on Brueckenkopf! This time we bring you a review
Brueckenkopf continues their Tank Week with a look at the Sherman M4A3 from Rubicon.SourceFrom the post:Tank week continues on Brueckenkopf and this time we take a closer look at another kit by Rubico
Brueckenkopf has a new review article up. This one looks at the Rubicon PzKpfw III Ausf J/M/N tank.SourceFrom the post:Tank week at Brueckenkopf Online! Yesterday we took a look at the new Tank War bo
Brueckenkopf posted up a new review article. This time it's the Security Station terrain piece made by Laughing Jack.SourceFrom the post:Time for laser cut scenery. Our editor Marcel takes a closer lo
Brueckenkopf posted a review of some of Norsgard's minis over on their website.SourceFrom the review:We have managed to get our hands on 5 of the Norsgard minis (currently on Kickstarter) and took a v
Brueckenkopf takes a look at the 15mm-scale Leviathan from DreamForge-Games in this review article.Source
Brueckenkopf posted up another of their review articles. This one's for Titan-forge's Anvilborn Warrior unit.SourceFrom the review:Titan Forge were kind enough to send us some preview samples of their
Brueckenkopf Online continues their review series with a look at the Behemoth of Decay from Titan Forge.SourceFrom the review:Another review by Brueckenkopf Online. This time we got our hands on a cop
Brueckenkopf Online has a new review up of Games Workshop's Mirkwood Rangers box set.SourceFrom the review:In our Christmas review we take a close look at GWs new Mirkwood Rangers.
Brueckenkopf posted another of their reviews. This one's for Games Workshop's Cauldron of Blood.SourceFrom the review:Time to take on the might of the Dark Elves! We take a very close look at the new
Brueckenkopf returns to our crawl with a review of the Firestorm Armada Battle for Valhalla Starter Set from Spartan Games.SourceFrom the review:In our latest review we've taken a very close look at t
Brueckenkopf made their way to Warlord Games' Games Day last weekend and gives us a look of what the event was like.From the post:Brueckenkopf Online visited the Warlord Games Day and brought a lot of
Brueckenkopf takes a look at Arena Rex's Aquila model and gives you their thoughts on the subject.From the review:In another article of our big resin-week we take a closer look at Aquila, the great gl
Brueckenkopf Online takes a look at some of the Studio McVey line in their latest review article.From the review:In the first article of our big resin-week we take a closer look at four Studio McVey l
Brueckenkopf takes a look at the DreamForge-Games Leviathan Crusader.I can only hope they loved putting it together as much as I did.From the review:It is the biggest miniature we ever reviewed and po
Brueckenkopf has another of their review articles up. This one's of Van Dyck's 10mm Romans models.From the review:Looking for something small? for something detailled? and at best roman? we might have