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Brotherwise Games

Brotherwise Games is returning to the Call to Adventure universe with Epic Origins. Build your own hero and go out and meet your destiny head-on. This new hero-crafting game is up on Kickstarter now.
Brotherwise Games is pleased to announce that The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged, their new minis game based on the Emmy award-winning Netflix series, is now available. Play characters from the series s
Being an adventurer and taking out the enemies is pretty cool. But what if you want to be one of the baddies, yourself. And not just any baddy, but the boss! That's where you are in Overlord: A Boss M
Hooray for Saturday!What can't be accomplished on a day like today?Well, I can accomplish some RPG-ing. You can even watch if you want.But what I know you're actually here for: Reviews! So let's get t
Saturday!Saturday!Saturday!Umm... read that like Elton John.Anyway, it's Saturday (if you hadn't noticed), so that means it's time to hang out and play some games. But it's also time for some reviews.
Well, it's Saturday. My day was looking like it might be a bit dull, but then a friend was like, "Hey, let's have everyone come over and game." and I was like, "done and done. I just need to type up a
In my Facebook news feed, I'll often see stories about people modifying video games in some form. Remaking classic levels of video games with new game engines. Turning Metroid levels on their side. Al
I, as I mentioned in my post yesterday, am more-than-likely playing 2nd edition D&D when this will be posted to the site.Some friends I know have a long-running campaign and the DM is writing me in as
Brotherwise Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Boss Monster II: The Next Level. In the game, players take on the role of a NES-era video game boss. You are competing against each-other in ord
Club Fantasci takes a look at the Boss Monster card game, and the expansion, from Brotherwsie Games, in this review article.SourceFrom the article:In his first review of Club Fantasci, Jonny Rivera gi
Board to Death takes a look at Boss Monster and its expansion in this review.SourceFrom the article:Inspired by a love of classic video games, Boss Monster is a “dungeon-building” card game that pits