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Brooklyn Indie Games

Galileo Games and Brooklyn Indie Games are joining forces. As such, Brooklyn Indie Games will become an imprint of Galileo Games. Tim Rodriguez, current owner of Brooklyn Indie Games will now be the V
Brooklyn Indie Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Backstory Cards, a quick and easy way to come up with a backstory for any character.SourceFrom the campaign:Backstory Cards blend your charac
Brooklyn Indie Games is over on Kickstarter and looking to fund their OmegaZone setting book for the Fate RPG system.SourceFrom the campaign:OMEGAZONE is an Instant Setting for the Fate Accelerated ro
Brooklyn Indie Games lets you live out your ghost pirate fantasies in Ghost Pirates, a new tactical game.Walk the plank ye scurvy scallywag!Knave! Ye be tasting my wrath fer trespassin’ on me seas. BO