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Bronze Age Miniatures

Weird West has been a pretty popular genre, especially lately. With the rise of Blackwater Gulch, Shadows of Brimstone, and Wild West Exodus, among others, more and more gamers are heeding the call of
Bronze Age Minis has some new releases available as well as is having a summer sale going on.From the announcement:30% off is back. We are having our 30% off again. This sale will run from July/3/2013
Bronze Age Miniatures has some new releases available now on their website.They've also currently got a sale going on for the holidays.Note: Some minis on their website aren't safe for work. Browsers
Bronze Age Miniatures has added some new Vikings and Picts to their line. They've also got a sale running over in their webstore.From the announcement:We are having a new 30% off sale starting today a
Bronze Age Miniatures is having a pretty decent sale over on their website. You should go look and see what they've got available.From the announcement:Hey everyone, I am having a 30% off sale. This w
Bronze Age Minaitures is having a sale on their minaitures. From their website:I am having my 30% off sale and have a few new miniatures. The prices on the site are not the sale prices.I have had a lo
Bronze Age Miniatures have new releases as well as new miniature previews. From their announcement: I just finished some new Sci-fi Snipers and Heavy Machine-gun crew as well as some new Greens sho