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Broken Realms

Games Workshop has a lot of different things up for pre-order over on their website this week. There's a new Nurgle box for 40k. There's a classic character for Blood Bowl. But the biggest story is fo
Broken Realms: Morathi is more than just a story-continuation of the world of Age of Sigmar. It's updating a lot of rules, too, particularly for some specific factions and miniatures. In this preview,
The Broken Realms: Morathi book is the first in a new series that will change the face of Age of Sigmar. That includes new rules for various factions, including the Daughter of Khaine. In this preview
Morathi is the first of the Broken Realms books to be coming for Age of Sigmar. They say that these books will change the game's narrative dramatically. But how will it do so and what's in this book?