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Broken Egg Games

Amazing what a difference a week makes. Last week, I was lamenting how long it was all taking. This morning, I woke up and was like, "Whoah... it's already Wednesday!" That certainly works for me. Faster to get to the weekend, the better. But if we're going to be going along at this break-neck pace, we should stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Lion Tower Miniatures Launch First Kickstarter, New Statuesque Asylum and Starport figures and a new Statuesque Female Head size, Battlefront Releases Range Finder For Flames of War, Exiles of the Tetsu Clan Miniatures Up On Kickstarter, New ellipse bases from Micro Art Studio, New Norman Kite Shields Available From Tabletop-art, Fenris Games - Rise of the Draugr Up On Kickstarter, Battlefront Releases New Destroyed Markers For Flames of War, Broken Egg Games are coming to Europe, New Quad Mortar Platform Available From Kromlech, Acheson Creations and Evil Bob’s at Cold Wars March 17-19, New Desert Mission Token Set From Battlefront, Ouroboros Miniatures presents: Fey- The Celestial, and Atlantis Miniatures Launches 28mm Dwarf Minis Kickstarter.

Back in the office again today. Saturday was a heck of a good time running that D&D game. Nobody died, thankfully. We had some really good character interaction. It seems everyone's personality will mesh together well. So it's looking like a good gaming group is being made.
But that's as may be. What we've got right now is making your gaming tables look as good as possible.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Ice Desert: Pwork Wargames Sci-Fi Mat Now Available, Frontier Tower Add-On First Look For Adventure Tiles on Kickstarter, Heroic Maps - Giant Maps: New Havenwater Now Available, Battle Systems Sci-Fi Terrain On Kickstarter, and Darkburg: Pwork Wargames Fantasy Gaming Mat Now Available.

Happy Halloween, everyone!
I hope everyone is having a good time with some sweet treats and scary movies.
And, hey, it's another chance to break out your convention costumes, too! Bonus!
Anyway, let's make your gaming tables look good, shall we?

In the Terrain Corner today we have: New Age of Sigmar Battle Mat From Games Workshop, Rocket Pig Games Running TileScape Dungeons Kickstarter, Dragonlock Ultimate Free Sample Set Now Available, and Adventure Tiles - Wilderness Tabletop RPG Terrain System Up On Kickstarter.

Give yourself a pat on the back. You've made it to another Wednesday. We're halfway to the weekend. If you have any mid-week gaming plans, we'd love to hear about it down in the comments. Over the next couple days, I'll be prepping for the D&D game I'm running on Saturday. Last session, the group narrowly avoided TPK twice. So obviously, I need to up my game some.

As usual for the day, we've got some bite-sized stories we've collected together for you.

In this batch we've got: MidKnight Heroes Reaches Funding Goal and Previews Chibi Stretch Goal, Some more Installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, Quick Reference Rulebook of Military History: Medieval Wargame available for testing, Blacksmith Miniatures release Mahé the Sailor, New Skull Masks Available from Tabletop-Art, Final week for Dark Sword Miniatures New Range Tony DiTerlizzi Masterworks Kickstarter, Ophidian Wars releases ECG with optional 3D printed minis, NeoExodus Campaign Setting Update for Pathfinder On Kickstarter, Mekawing Z updated to version 1.7, New Shock Tokens from Sally 4th, Epic New Token Line For Table Top And Role Playing Games, Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm May Releases Arrive at PicoArmor, Hitech Miniatures New Webstore Opened, 28mm Crates Barrels and Casks from Castle Kits, New 15mm Sci-Fi Buildings from Gamecraft Miniatures, Infantry Bases for 6mm (1/285th) Figures from GameCraft Miniatures, New Rocket Platform Terrain from DerekPages, Manorhouse Workshop Update #32 – Modular Underground Project – How to paint walls and floors quickly, Demigods Evolution Funds in 1 Day, and Victrix Previews French Artillery.

Broken Egg Games has a sale running over in their webshop.
Seems to be a popular thing to do these days.


From the sales sheet:

This Thanksgiving weekend, we at Broken Egg Games are going to make sure that two things happen: eating a bunch of turkey and spending time with our family. We know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are looked forward to, but being around the ones we love is what we intend to do this holiday weekend. We also appreciate our gaming family and we want to show that we are thankful for you as well. So starting right now, use the code “Thankful4U” at our store to get 20% off your order! We want you to be able to get the shopping out of the way now so you can spend time doing things that really matter (although revenge games do count). Pop online, check out our newest items and get to shopping today because that pumpkin pie isn’t going to eat itself into a food coma. Happy Holidays!

Broken Egg Games gives you more ways to keep track of what's going on in your games with their new templates and token sets.


From the release:

We at Broken Egg Games have been busy creating our product line for the third quarter of 2014. We have been expanding current ranges adding support for the popular Games Workshop game Blood Bowl and even more items for us in the Warmachine and Hordes Game System. We are also investing in additional card game and board game accessories starting with the Pokemon TCG and a fantastic piece for use with the popular Love Letter Series.

Stay tuned as we push out our second selection of products for Q3 and a really exciting line that will catch eyes this holiday season. Not familiar with our current lines? Check us out to view our fantastic selection of custom, handmade products.