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BPLaser has a series of new releases available in their webshop, including a landing pad, hover train and church.SourceFrom the release:Adding to their Steampunk/ Fantasy range is a laser cut 28mm Chu
BPLaser helps you get a table's worth of terrain all at once with their Discount Terrain Box offer.From the announcement:It contains 5 buildings and enough scatter terrain to make gaming interesting.
Sprue Grey takes a look at the Multi-Use Building from BPLaser and gives you their thoughts on the subject.From the review:BP Laser, a Queensland based company, produces high quality, laser cut MDF te
BPLaser released a trio of new pieces over in their webshop, including the new Carriage House, Guard Tower and HTV Tracked Vehicle.From the release:BPLASER has added a number of item to their store in
BPLaser gives us a look at a new piece of terrain they're working on with a preview of The Carriage House.From the preview:I have been busy with various disasters... :PHere's a new steampunk building,
BPLaser adds to their laser-cut terrain line with some new offerings.From the announcement:BPLASER Has added four new products to their web store for 28mm war gaming. One Steampunk, Two Scifi and one
BPLaser has some new Steampunk accessory pieces available over on their website to help accentuate your models and buildings.From the release:This week Steampunk gets some loving...BPLASER has added 8
BPLaser helps accentuate your tabletop with their new Billboard Terrain pieces.From the release:BPLASER has added 3 new billboard kits to the store.A free standing pack of five, in 3 sizes and two typ
BPLaser gives you 3 more options for your terrain.From the release:More news for BPLASER...We have added three new buildings to our store,The Transit stop, in 28mmm scifi buildings,And:A 28mm Two stor
BPLaser gives your little mans what they want, when they want it. Getting hungry during a fight? Grab a Soylent Bar and munch while mowing down enemies.From the release:BPLASER has two new tabletop pr
BPLaser has a new set of wheels they've got for sale up on their website. Need to haul some cargo? They've got the answer with their Heavy Transport Vehicle 8.From the announcement:HEAVY TRANSPORT VEH
BP Laser is a new terrain-making company making buildings and other such fun things out of laser-cut MDF. They're located in Australia, but if you ask nice, I'm sure they'll ship to you anywhere you w