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Blue Room Games

Blue Room has another new review article up. This time it's for King of Tokyo.

King of Tokyo


From the post:

Oh my god it’s… Godzil – no… for copyright infringement purposes it’s… Gigazaur! And he’s rampaging through the streets of Tokyo. Wait… now he’s being challenged by a gigantic cyber bunny. And a kraken? Aaaaand a great big ape? Oh great, now aliens are invading. The real estate agent said there’d be a bit of noise but this is ridiculous…

Blue Room takes a look at Asmodee's Seasons board game in this review article.



From the website:

Sometimes you just wish you could have one more month of summer. In Seasons, the 2-4 player card drafting, dice rolling game designed by Régis Bonnessée, you’ll settle for just one more round. But then autumn will come, and all the trees will die (as well as your hopes and dreams).

Blue Room has a new review article posted. This time it's Resistance: Avalon.



From the post:

In this game of bluffing and social deduction, designed by Don Eskridge, players take on the roles of a Loyal Servant of Arthur or a Minion of Mordred (guess which side are the bad guys). Even though the minions all look like murdering psychopaths (one lady even having fiery orange eyes) the loyal servants constantly struggle to uncover their counterpart’s true nature.