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Everyone likes to have options. I mean, just think if the passengers in Airplane! had been given more than just "steak or fish (or lasagna)" for dinner options. The fellows over in charge of the Bloom horror RPG wants to make sure you have options for your horror RPG sessions. As such, they've released the Book of Putrescence.
Bloom is a new multimedia storytelling product. That's sort of legal-ese and longhand to say that it's a film and an RPG associated with the film. In the movie, a woman is slowly turning into a vampire and must come to terms with losing her humanity while making sure to stay away from those trying to hunt her down. The RPG allows gamers to enter into the Bloom world, either as fellow vampires or vampires-to-be, or as those that want to eradicate those evil spawn from the face of the earth. There's a special bundle deal they've got going where you can get the movie and the RPG for one low price.

From the announcement:
The week is coming to an end. What do you have planned for your weekend?
I've got some new review articles I'll be working on. It's been really exciting playing some of these new games.

Anyway, there's been a bunch of bite-sized stories coming across my desk, so it's time for another Snippets.

This time around we have: A new preview for Sector Commander, Cure/Heal Dice on Kickstarter, a new Predette from Predastore, Clan Kitsune preview fluff from Ninja Division, New Tokens Available from Advanced Deployment, Bloom Role-Playing Game Character Sheets Now Available, LaserCutCard Reduces Price on Statis Tomb Terrain, New Bits Packs at Alternative Armies, How To Serve Man coming to Kickstarter, and Skirmisher Publishing releases 100 Oddities for a Thieves' Guild.