Blood Bound

Blood Bound Now Available From Fantasy Flight Games

It's never good when vampire clans get to fighting. You think that regular gang warfare is rough. It's just that much worse when the supernatural is involved. The war that's gone on has left both sides near their limit. Both are looking to finish this off while they can. Only by finding the enemy leader and taking them out will this war come to an end. That's just what you'll be looking to do in Blood Bound, available now from Fantasy Flight Games.

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Fantasy Flight Games Posts Preview of Blood Bound

When vampires fight, it's a lot more than just your average set of gang members going at one-another. Super strength. Super speed. Regenerative powers. It can really be a mess. And that's what's been going on. But now, with clan membership dwindling (and the town's garlic supply at critical levels), each clan is looking to finish this feud once and for all. That's where you find yourself in Blood Bound, coming soon from Fantasy Flight. You can check out a quick play preview in this article.

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Fantasy Flight Games Posts New Blood Bound Preview

When vampire clans fight, things can get really, really messy in a hurry. When the Gargoyle and Phoenix clans clashed, it nearly wrecked them both. This caused the Secret Order to realize that having hidden Inquisitors in the various clans, tasked with keeping their numbers in check, was a good idea. And if the Inquisitors sewed some chaos as they went along, well, that's just all part of the fun. Get a look at how these Inquisitors work in this preview of Blood Bound from Fantasy Flight Games.

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Fantasy Flight Games Announces New Edition of Blood Bound

Occasionally, you look at a game and go, "you know, this game works just fine, but the art could use a bit of touching up." That's just what Fantasy Flight Games did with Blood Bound, their social game of vampire clans. They have announced that a new edition is coming out with all-new artwork. AKA - New Look! Same Great Taste!

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Fantasy Flight Games posts a Preview of the Unique Character Abilities in Blood Bound

Fantasy Flight Games shows off some more of Blood Bound with a preview of the unique character abilities in the game.


From the preview:

In July, we announced Blood Bound, and at Gen Con Indy, this game of deduction, bluffing, and strategy for six to twelve players proved to be a sleeper hit, completely selling out. Those who had the opportunity to play especially enjoyed the way that the players' character abilities interacted, so in today’s preview, we’ll take a look at some of the character abilities found in the game. We'll also offer some tips on how you may use these to your advantage.

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