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Blight Wheel Miniatures

Blight Wheel Miniatures will be headed to Salute and has some new minis they'll be bringing along with them.SourceFrom the announcement:For the Salute, Blight Wheel Miniatures offer two new model.- a
Blight Wheel Miniatures has a couple new minis available along with some special deals over in their webshop.SourceFrom the update:2 new miniatures and a new kit from Blight Wheel Miniatures.- A rocke
Blight Wheel Miniatures has added some new Renegade torsos to their webshop. They're also having a special this Halloween season where certain orders can get a free mini.SourceFrom the announcement:We
Blight Wheel Miniatures gives you more options to personalize your miniatures with the release of new hooded bionic heads and mechanical torso bits over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:We add
Blight Wheel Miniatures has some more coverage of their time at Salute.From the website:Pictures from our Salute adventure.
Blight Wheel Miniatures has their own limited-numbers deal going on. This one's for their Prometheus model, which they will also have with them at Salute.From the announcement:We receive today our fir
Blight Wheel Miniatures is showing off the free model they'll be giving out at Salute this year.Will you be there to pick one up?From the announcement:A special deal for our customers !A muted Komodo.
Blight Wheel Miniatures has a leg to stand on and is giving them to your models so they can stand, too, with their new Britain Legs with Gabardine.From the release:We update the Blight Wheel sets for
Blight Wheel Miniatures gives you some more options when modeling with two new sprues of Veterans Heads.From the release:Choose your veterans, two new sprues.One with bionics, another without.Also ava
Blight Wheel Miniatures now has their new Bionic Arms and Britanic Heads available online.From the release:As promised some time ago, here is the second part of the Bionics.It comes in the shape of tw
Blight Wheel Miniatures gives you a new way to get to work with their Mutant Steed and Rider.From the release:The model we are releasing today is very special to us.It was inspired by a very dear frie
Blight Wheel Miniatures has some new arm sprues available to customize your models with.From the release:Our first arm kit is ready now !With 5 différents pairs of arms and 10 protections shoulders, w
Blight Wheel Miniatures got a new set of legs (lots of them, actually) and wanted to show them off.From the website:Our new kit arrive !We are very happy to announce you the released of our 30mm minia
Blight Wheel Miniatures has some new views on their Igor the War Bot model.From the website:Painted with the courtesy of David Raffetin.Thank you David !
Blight Wheel Miniatures has some more new releases over in their webshop.From the release:We update the shop today, with 3 new miniatures.So now the shop grow and the first page is not able to show al
Blight Wheel Miniatures has a new piece of preview art to show off: Dimitri the Hateful Spider. Check it out.From the preview:Folks, we are very excited now July 14 is near to come.Today we want show
Blight Wheel Miniatures are a bunch of teases. They didn't want to show you the whole green of their upcoming officer, but just part of it. What they showed looks pretty cool, though.From the tease:A
Blight Wheel Miniatures previews some of their upcoming releases for March.From the preview:Hi Folk !We continue to work on more project !We must explain where we go, at this time we prepare some diff
Blight Wheel Miniatures is ready to start selling their Mantis. From their announcement:Folks! The mantis tank is ready to sell.We received our first delivery Friday!Shipments will be made ??2 days af
Blight Wheel Miniatures previews their upcoming release, the Mantis Tank:From their website:Sculpted, painted by Morback. video and pictures realized by Morback. Advance order preview in a few days, p
Blight Wheel Miniatures has released a new conversion bionics custom kit.From their announcement:Blight wheel miniatures has released new bionics bits.compatible with others brands.
Blight Wheel Miniatures has posted new pictures of arms on their site. From their website:We had to improve some of our kits because the customer feedback we showed some weaknesses in the design of th
Blight Wheel Miniatures have released a set of 28mm Mech Squire figure. From their announcement: Blight Wheel Miniatures have added the Mecha squires to their online store "Mecha need to be maint
Blight Wheel Miniatures have released a limited edition 28mm resin figure - the Assassin. From their announcement: We have a new bad girl in town. Discovers the limited edition of this miniature on
Blight Wheel Miniatures have posted a preview of a 28mm Recon Drone miniature they will soon be releasing.