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Blackstone Fortress

We've been seeing previews for a while. Now, it's time to go ahead and put your order in. Games Workshop has started taking down names of those of you who would like to get Blackstone Fortress: Ascens
Ascension, the new expansion for Blackstone Fortress will be coming out soon. With the game set in the 40k universe, some might be wondering about moving over the figures from it to their games of 40k
Want to know some of the nuts and bolts about what's coming in Ascension, the last Blackstone Fortress expansion? This is the update for you. It looks into map creation, the stats for the enemies you'
A new expansion for Blackstone Fortress is coming out soon. It's called Ascension and with it will come some all-new foes for you to fight against. If you've been stopped by the Spindle Drones, then y
If you're ancient like me, you'll remember a time when it was a joke saying, "Yeah, that'll happen when Zoats are in 40k." Well, 2020's already given us plenty of bad out-of-nowhere things. Why not a
Scattershot set of pre-orders from Games Workshop this week. Though their main banner was about the new Warhammer Underworlds set, called Beastgrave - The Grymwatch, I'm most excited about the new Liz
Some new box sets are availble to pre-order from Games Workshop over in their store for some of the spin-off games from 40k. There's a new Kill Team starter that pits the Space Marines against the Tau
<whoop whoop whoop> Giant robot alert! We've got giant robot alert! And these are mean ones, too. Games Workshop is coming out with the Chaos Knights codex for 40k, and you can order yours now,
The latest expansion for Blackstone Fortress is now available over on Games Workshop's website. While I'm not necessarily afraid of bugs, the idea of a huge, lumbering behemoth of one coming for me do
Warhammer Quest is getting itself a new game. This time, it's Blackstone Fortress. A huge and imposing space station, created before anyone can even imagine, has been found. Within its halls, strange,