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Blackout: Journey into Darkness

The weekend is once more almost upon us. We stand at the precipice of two whole days of not-work (well, I'll still be making updates, but that's alright). I've got a big model-building project for the
As we all know, sometimes the first time doesn't quite work out on Kickstarter. That's ok. It doesn't necessarily mean that the project is a failure. It just means the creators need to work on it a bi
Nevermore Toys keeps rolling along with their Blackout: Journey Into Darkness Kickstarter campaign. They've made it to about 250% funded, with still 15 days left on the clock. They've added on some ne
Blackout: Journey Into Darkness has made quite a splash on Kickstarter. Their campaign funded in around 8 hours and they've already more than doubled that. Obviously, getting that far has unlocked som
Todd Broadwater, who had a hand in making such games as Fallout3, Oblivion and XCOM, is now working on his own tabletop board game. Blackout: Journey Into Darkness is a new dungeon-crawler board game