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Blacklist Games

Would you like to be added to a game? I'm sure many of you would, and that's just what you can win if you're the lucky one in the Blacklist Games Brook City contest. One person will have their likeness added to the art in the game. Sign-ups are happening now.

Alter Quest takes its inspiration from all the great dungeon crawl board games of yore, but with updated components and mechanics to bring you plenty of fun on the tabletop. By utilizing a number of different, customizable decks, players can tailor-make their experience each time they play, creating countless combinations for endless replayability. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

Game companies need to have good game designers. I mean, unless they don't want to release good games. And what game company doesn't want to release good games? Blacklist Games wants to release good games, and so they've hired on Adam and Brady Sadler as their Senior Game Designers.

A new expansion for the Street Masters board game is soon hitting Kickstarter from Blacklist Games. Aftershock will include new elements like stage and enemy decks, along with missions. Four new fighters will be hitting the streets as well. Plus, everything comes in a deluxe box that fits all current Street Masters releases, but also extra space for what's to come afterward. The game'll be hitting Kickstarter on the 23rd of October.

There's a crime wave sweeping through the city. And only you, your partners, and your feathered hair can save the day. That's what you'll be doing in Brook City, a new cooperative board game from Blacklist Games that's up on Kickstarter now. Players will take on the role of tough city cops trying to halt the current increase in crime. The game involves many modular features, so no two cases are ever the same.
Many of us grew up playing classic fighting video games. I know I spent more than a few hours with Double Dragon in my NES (and losing, terribly, all the time). Well, if you want to recreate some of that feeling on your tabletops now, you should check out Street Masters: Rise of the Kingdom. It's a new cooperative board game that pits you and your allied fighters against various gangs. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

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