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Blackball Games

Blackball Games launched their Kickstarter campaign for Monkeys with Knives and Guns.SourceFrom the campaign:In Monkeys with Knives and Guns, players take control of a band of armed monkeys trying to
Blackball Games is showing off the final green for their Blattsoldat mini they've been working on.SourceFrom the post:We've just received the final pics of the Blattsoldat! Unfortunately for those of
Blackball Games has posted an update to the state of AEWWII and how things are coming along with production and shipping.SourceFrom the update:Some big news for AE-WWII! We have received the masters f
Blackball Games is running their AE-WWII painting contest now. Grab your brushes and maybe you could win.From the contest:Blackball Games is proud to announce that their first ever painting contest is
Blackball Games has released some new token and template sets for AE-WWII over on their website.From the announcement:Token and template sets are now up for sale through the Blackball Games webstore.
Blackball Games has shipped out their Kickstarter orders for AE-WWII.Personally, these are my favorite sort of Kickstarter news story.From the announcement:Hey guys, just a quick update. The majority
Blackball Games is showing off some more models and a couple concept art pieces for AE-WWII they've been working on since their successful Kickstarter.From the preview:We've got a lot of great preview
Blackball Games has a new AE-WWII preview up following their successful Kickstarter campaign. They've posted preview artwork for the MoAA Agent as well as rules for the BA-64 Armored Car.From the anno
Blackball Games has been working hard since their Kickstarter was successfully funded, making sure that when AE-WWII gets to your doorstep it's the best it can possibly be.From the update:Hi guys, we'
AE-WWII, from Blackball Games, has made it over their funding goal with still 4 days left. Stretch goals ahoy!From the update:Quick update -Last night here in the US, you lot managed to take us over t
Blackball Games is showing off the artwork for their German Draugr and adding him as an add-on to their Kickstarter.From the update:To celebrate, as soon as we hit $10,001.00, everyone at the Lt. leve
AE-WWII is making their way to their goal over on Kickstarter and has added some new add-ons to help them make it.From the update:We've just listed a number of add-ons that backers can choose to inclu
Blackball Games is showing off another stretch goal and concept art for their AE:WWII-European Theater Kickstarter.From the update:Another goal of ours, in addition to getting a new book out, is to ge
AE-WWII is more than halfway to their goal on Kickstarter with still plenty of time on the clock. As such, they've posted up the first stretch goal in hopes of getting there soon.From the campaign:AE-
Blackball Games has got their AE-WWII: European Theater Kickstarter up and running. Will you join in with them?From the campaign:Based on real WWII experiments and legends from throughout history, AE-
Blackball Games has some new information about the future of AE:WWII, and it's good news, everybody!From the announcement:Two AE-WWII announcements today,First, and most exciting, we are officially an
Blackball Games is fully restocked after their rather long hiatus away. Check out their webstore for what's available again.From the update:I am pleased to announce that we are now fully stocked for b
Blackball Games has an update on their progress over there. Here's what they have to say:Blackball Games has announced on the Darkson Designs forums as well as on the AE Fcebook page an update to the
Blackball Games recently acquired the rights to AE:WWII and AE:Bounty.Check out the press release:Blackball Games is excited to announce the addition of AE:WWII and AE:Bounty to our product lines. We
Blackball Games is looking for new play test groups. From their facebook:Blackball Games is looking for folks to help us playtest one of our many contract design projects. If you and your gaming group
Blackball Games, Inc is proud to announce the release of the Elder Thing, the next “Book of Fragments” miniature – now on sale in the Blackball Games Store:From their announcement:Alien beings from be
Blackball Games has releases the Deep One miniature for their Book of Fragments line.From their announcement:Blackball Games, Inc is proud to announce the release of the Deep One, the next “Book of Fr
Blackball Games will be featuring their new game, Monkeys with Knives and Guns, at PAX Prime. The company will not be attending GenCon 2011 though.From their website:It's official - Blackball Games wi