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Blackball Games

Blackball Games launched their Kickstarter campaign for Monkeys with Knives and Guns.



From the campaign:

In Monkeys with Knives and Guns, players take control of a band of armed monkeys trying to gather bananas. Each die represents a monkey. All of the players roll dice at the same time, and then determine which monkeys grab a banana, kill opposing monkeys, or horribly injure themselves with their deadly weapons. The player with the most bananas at the end of the game wins!

Blackball Games is showing off the final green for their Blattsoldat mini they've been working on.


From the post:

We've just received the final pics of the Blattsoldat! Unfortunately for those of us that play Soviets or Americans, it means we're likely to see more of these guys popping up on the battlefield. We'll keep everyone posted when they'll be ready for release.

Blackball Games has posted an update to the state of AEWWII and how things are coming along with production and shipping.


From the update:

Some big news for AE-WWII! We have received the masters for the Hoodoo Conjurer, Schutzkommando and OORD Agent! In addition, the massive shipment of MoAA Agents have arrived. We expect to have the three additional models cast up and to us in a week or so. We're very proud with the quality of these figures and we'll be posting pics of the painted models shortly.

With these new models coming in, we've added them to the online store as well as the British Starter Packs and American Occult Detachment Packs. We've also made some changes to some blisters and will be phasing out some of the old blisters. Beginning today, we have the following blisters on sale for 40% off:

- German Troopers
- Russian Troopers
- Russian Snipers
- SS Knight

For these last two models we've created two new blisters for each, separating the two models in the blister into two additional packages. We'll keep these models for sale until we're completely sold out, at which point they will no longer be available. So get them while you can!

Finally, we've just update the AE-WWII Errata with some additional rules clarifications. Head on over to the forum to check it out and please let us know if we've missed something.

Thanks a lot for your support and patience!

Blackball Games is running their AE-WWII painting contest now. Grab your brushes and maybe you could win.

From the contest:

Blackball Games is proud to announce that their first ever painting contest is now live.

Contestants are asked to paint up one of the current starter sets and submit images for some great prizes. To entice all of you great hobbyists, first place gets a copy of every AE-WWII blister available!

To get started, follow the link and sign up on the Blackball Games forums.

Blackball Games has released some new token and template sets for AE-WWII over on their website.

From the announcement:

Token and template sets are now up for sale through the Blackball Games webstore. These are currently only for sale direct through Blackball Games, so head over to the store and pick up your sets today!

Blackball Games has shipped out their Kickstarter orders for AE-WWII.
Personally, these are my favorite sort of Kickstarter news story.

From the announcement:

Hey guys, just a quick update. The majority of the domestic rewards have been shipped today. The remaining domestic and all international rewards will ship tomorrow. Please drop us an email if there are any problems with your rewards or even just to let us know what you think of the books.

Included in many rewards are 'War Bonds' for the models we weren't able to include in your shipment. We again apologize for the delay, but as soon as we get these models in, they will be shipped to you at no charge. There's no need to return the War Bonds to us; we thought they'd be something to remind you we owe you big.

Thanks a lot for your patience, we look forward to hearing your thoughts about the new book and the new edition of AE-WWII!

Blackball Games is showing off some more models and a couple concept art pieces for AE-WWII they've been working on since their successful Kickstarter.

From the preview:

We've got a lot of great previews for you in this update. You'll see photos (bad ones) of the first three new models we've had sculpted for the new edition: the Kreighexe, the SS Vampire and the Draugr! We're very happy with how these models have turned out and we're sending them over to our painting team right away. Can't wait to see them on the battlefield!

In addition, we have two pieces of art for the Soviets! Attached are the final pic for the NKVD Puppet Master and a WIP of the Telekinetic. These powerful psychic soldiers of the USSR will give the SS a run for their money.

Blackball Games has a new AE-WWII preview up following their successful Kickstarter campaign. They've posted preview artwork for the MoAA Agent as well as rules for the BA-64 Armored Car.

From the announcement:

What can I say except that things are still rolling forward on the second edition? We're hard at work wrapping up the revised rules and the new book layout as well as starting to see sculpts and the last of the art come in. Everything's looking good for our delivery date next month and I think everyone will be pleased with the final results of the new book.

Blackball Games has been working hard since their Kickstarter was successfully funded, making sure that when AE-WWII gets to your doorstep it's the best it can possibly be.

From the update:

Hi guys, we're hard at work getting things rolling for the second edition and things are going great. Models are being sculpted and cast as we speak, the layout and editing for the new book are moving along nicely and a few new pieces of art are rolling in. In addition, we have packaging in our warehouse (aka: my car-hole) and the bases and token/template sets are lined up and ready to go. So things are moving along great!

I'd like to share the new concept art we have for the OORD Agent. Hector Ortiz is a fantastic artist that we've used for the Book of Fragments line and he was happy to lend his skills to the OORD Agent. With a combination of occult artifacts and military gear, this occult agent is ready to combat the horrors of the SS! We can't wait to see the sculpt! Thanks Hector!

AE-WWII, from Blackball Games, has made it over their funding goal with still 4 days left. Stretch goals ahoy!

From the update:

Quick update -

Last night here in the US, you lot managed to take us over the top to 105% of goal. A huge thanks to everyone - this project is now officially going to fund!

We can't rest just yet - with 5 days left, we are getting back to work with more testing and spreading the word about the project. Let's see how much over goal we can get so we can fill those boxes with goodies and sculpt new models (as well as re-sculpt some classics).

Thanks again all - you did it!

Blackball Games is showing off the artwork for their German Draugr and adding him as an add-on to their Kickstarter.

From the update:

To celebrate, as soon as we hit $10,001.00, everyone at the Lt. level and above will receive a Druager for free. Yep. Free. For everyone – we are also adding the Draugr as an add-on for $10… so just top off your pledge by $10 and the Draugr can be yours. Take 2 if you want, every add-on just helps the project succeed and gets us closer to getting all these goodies into your hands.

AE-WWII is making their way to their goal over on Kickstarter and has added some new add-ons to help them make it.

From the update:

We've just listed a number of add-ons that backers can choose to include with their pledge. Among those available, we're including the new models already announced, the token and template sets, scenic bases from our friends at Secret Weapon Miniatures and additional starter sets. Please take a look at these add-ons and boost your pledge for some of these goodies!

Blackball Games is showing off another stretch goal and concept art for their AE:WWII-European Theater Kickstarter.

From the update:

Another goal of ours, in addition to getting a new book out, is to get some of the models that were never sculpted out into the world. So what we're doing is adding these new sculpts as stretch goals!

If we hit $17,500 all backers at the Lieutenant level and higher will receive a Hoodoo Conjurer in addition to their other rewards! These magicians of the American Office of Occult Research and Development (OORD) cast devious tricks on enemy troops, including the 'Deadly Trick' that kills with a puff of graveyard dust.

We'll be announcing more models as stretch goals in the coming days as well as offering backers the ability to 'add on' these new models to their pledges. So keep an eye out and continue to promote Operation: Kickstart!

AE-WWII is more than halfway to their goal on Kickstarter with still plenty of time on the clock. As such, they've posted up the first stretch goal in hopes of getting there soon.

From the campaign:

AE-WW2 has passed the 50% mark and posted their first stretch goal.

Previews are posted for the updated Starter- and Detachment Packs --- including the British!

Blackball Games has got their AE-WWII: European Theater Kickstarter up and running. Will you join in with them?

From the campaign:

Based on real WWII experiments and legends from throughout history, AE-WWII is unlike any WWII game you've played before.

The game uses an innovative army creation system based on troop types and training levels – not on calculations. The action-point based gameplay is fast and clean with alternating activations and a dynamic morale system that is simple to learn, strategically deep, tactically rich, and fun as hell.

Alliances and Nations In AE-WWII: Pick your army from the ranks of Allies, Axis, and Communist forces. Simply pick your Nation, and a combination of branches to round out your selection. You can mix and match within your Alliance.

Blackball Games has some new information about the future of AE:WWII, and it's good news, everybody!

From the announcement:
Two AE-WWII announcements today,

First, and most exciting, we are officially announcing the next edition of the game, titled AE-WWII: European Theater. We are planning an all-new 250 page, full-color book with revised rules, updated units, and new surprises. This edition will combine the groundwork from both the core book and the occult book of the first edition, and streamline everything into a
more cohesive collection. The revised rules are based on the originals, with a few tweaks to speed things up and improve balance. We've learned a lot over the four years since the first edition - all of that learning is going into the second. We are targeting an MSRP of $50 for the book, and a spring '13 release date. You'll hear more many more details on the new book as well as a few other goodies over the next week or so, stay tuned. Big things are coming for AE:WWII.

Secondly, we have finished our integration of the existing product line for AE:WWII with Blackball, and have updated everything on our web store. We needed to increase some of the prices. This brings everything in line with the new production facility, and our new formulas for making sure there is room for retail and wholesale discounts. Most of the products are back in stock now, so head on over to now and take a look!

Thanks again for believing in the products and supporting Blackball as we make AE-WWII bigger than ever, and twice as bad-ass….

The Blackball Team

Blackball Games is fully restocked after their rather long hiatus away. Check out their webstore for what's available again.

From the update:

I am pleased to announce that we are now fully stocked for both the AE-WWII and AE-Bounty lines. All models for these lines are available now through the Blackball Games store. I am also pleased to announce that War Path Distribution has also received a restock of models and has both lines available for retailers looking to carry them. We're excited to have these great models available and look forward to growing both of these lines in the future.

Blackball Games has an update on their progress over there. Here's what they have to say:

Blackball Games has announced on the Darkson Designs forums as well as on the AE Fcebook page an update to the AE line of games.

"After a lot of hard work getting things back up and running, we're in the home stretch of getting books and models back out into the world. We should have models available mid-July and books available early September. These will be available on the Blackball Games webstore as well as sent to the distributors and retailers that have stuck with AE. We'll keep everyone up to date once we have more information. So hang in there, AE-WWII and AE-Bounty are soon to make their triumphant return!"

Blackball Games recently acquired the rights to AE:WWII and AE:Bounty.

Check out the press release:

Blackball Games is excited to announce the addition of AE:WWII and AE:Bounty to our product lines. We acquired rights to both AE products from Darkson Designs this week and will be fully supporting the games, effective immediately. We will be working with retailers and distributors over the coming weeks to make these great products widely available.

Blackball Games is looking for new play test groups.

From their facebook:

Blackball Games is looking for folks to help us playtest one of our many contract design projects. If you and your gaming group are interested in playtesting a great new miniature game, please contact us at!

Blackball Games, Inc is proud to announce the release of the Elder Thing, the next “Book of Fragments” miniature – now on sale in the Blackball Games Store:

From their announcement:

Alien beings from beyond the stars, the Elder Things are thought to be responsible for much of the life now present on Earth. Those that remain after billions of years of isolation can be found deep in the ocean depths or frozen in the Antarctic wastes, ready to awaken and once again claim their place as the masters of this planet.

The Elder Thing is a multi-piece metal miniature standing over 40mm in height and is suitable for any roleplaying game or miniatures wargaming. This classic Lovecraftian creature was sculpted and conceptualized by Aragorn Marks and painted by Jessica Rich.

The “Book of Fragments” miniatures line is a collection of horrors, monsters, minions, and cultists for the tabletop. Drawn from mythos and nightmare, and re-conceived by top artists and visionaries in the industry “Book of Fragments” monstrosities break new ground and shatter expectations.

Blackball Games has releases the Deep One miniature for their Book of Fragments line.

From their announcement:

Blackball Games, Inc is proud to announce the release of the Deep One, the next “Book of Fragments” miniature – now on sale in the Blackball Games Store.

The Deep One is a three-piece metal miniature standing around 30mm in height. This classic Lovecraftian creature was sculpted by Bobby Jackson and painted by Jessica Rich from a concept by Hector Ortiz.

The “Book of Fragments” miniatures line is a collection of horrors, monsters, minions, and cultists for the tabletop. Drawn from mythos and nightmare, and re-conceived by top artists and visionaries in the industry “Book of Fragments” monstrosities break new ground and shatter expectations.
Blackball Games will be featuring their new game, Monkeys with Knives and Guns, at PAX Prime. The company will not be attending GenCon 2011 though.

From their website:
It's official - Blackball Games will be releasing our latest game, "Monkeys with Knives and Guns" at PAX Prime. We'll be showing off the monkey madness along with our latest "Book of Fragments" miniatures at the big event in Seattle, August 26th - 28th, 2011. Stop by the booth for a demo and to check out the latest creepy monsters for the table-top.

We are also pleased to announce that we'll also be partnering with our friends over at Cipher Studios for PAX - which means that in addition to Monkeys and Book of Fragments, we'll also have all the latest releases from Cipher's smash hit "Anima Tactics" and the awesome new "Helldorado" line. We'll have demos and general shenanigans - stop on by.
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Blackball Games Since we'll be focused on our presence PAX this year, we have decided to skip GenCon - while we love both events, we wanted to make sure PAX got our undivided attention this time around. We have cancelled the GenCon events we were planning, but we'll be running all of our latest all weekend at PAX. We do plan on GenCon in full-force next time around.