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Black Scorpion Miniatures

Mount up, men! We'll head them off at the pass!The Old West is a rather iconic time. Gunslingers on the streets of cities like Durango and Dodge. Banditos down in Texas. Saloons. Cowboy hats. Now, a n
Spud Tate has Larry look over the Orc Pirate mini from Black Scorpion and give you his thoughts on the subject.SourceFrom the video:A little review on a very wonderful model. Thank you
Black Scorpion Miniatures has some new minis on preview that they've been working on that will be available soon.SourceFrom the preview:We've just added some new miniatures to the workbench, we don't
Black Scorpion Miniatures is showing off the models that they'll be releasing at Salute this year.From the announcement:Hi all, We've just added the new releases for this Salute show in London! We hav
Beasts of War has posted how to play Cutlass!, as part of Cutlass! week, by Black Scorpion Miniatures. Check out their other videos as well!
Black Scorpion Miniatures has relaunched their range of 28mm Fantasy Football figures. From their website: I'm glad to announce we've just re-launched the human and orc teams in the fantasy footbal
Black Scorpion Miniatures have extended the closing date for their Golden Chef painting competition. From their website: This years Golden chef deadline is extended until july 25th as we were away an
Black Scorpion Miniatures have now stopped processing orders until they return from their trip. From their website: All orders from now will not be shipped until after June 23rd. Anything placed toda
Black Scorpion Miniatures will soon be closing for three weeks while they make a trip to Peru. From their website: We're going to be closed for 3 weeks from 30 May to June 22nd. From Monday Adam Clar
Black Scorpion Miniatures have announced that they are now accepting orders for the Cutlass! rulebook.
Gav Thorpe's blog has a new post discussing the upcoming Cutlass! fantasy/Pirate rules from Black Scorpion Miniatures.
Black Scorpion Miniatures have added the first 15 Cutlass! Alexis limited edition figures to their eBay store. From their announcement: This years limited edition resin miniature for Salute is Alex
Black Scorpion Miniatures will be doing a worldwide launch of their Cutlass! fantasy pirate rules and will have the book and new releases available at Salute 2011. From their announcement: Salute is
Black Scorpion Miniatures have posted tokens, templates and record sheets for their upcoming Cutlass! fantasy Pirate skirmish game. From their website: Cutlass charts and tokens available for free do
Black Scorpion Miniatures is once again running their Golden Chef painting contest. From their announcement: The first two golden Chef awards were a great success, the quality of painting was outstan
Black Scorpion Miniatures have added several new 28mm figures to their online store. From their website: We've just added new releases to the online store. A little delayed due to al the work on Cu