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Black Plague

This three-act play is hitting the third act. As such, it's time to bring the curtain down on the zombie dragon that's been plaguing the countryside. That's where you are in The Flying Plague Part 3.
The saga of The Flying Plague continues in Zombicide: Black Plague. There's an undead dragon around and the heroes need to stop it. Continue the action in the next installment. You can download it now
CMON's posting up new Zombicide scenarios all month. This week, it's Black Plague that gets the new one. You can head over and get A Thousand Mazes to Die now from their website for free.
Even when well-prepared, fighting a dragon isn't going to be easy. And that's where the Survivors find themselves in the second installment of the Slay the Beast scenario series for Zombicide: Black P
"We're gonna need swords... Lots of swords." You don't want to go fight a dragon with just your fists and hope. You're going to need the best gear. So, before taking on the dragon that's attacking a t
The Survivors find themselves in a place that's falling apart almost as bad as the zombies are. Better find a way out before the whole thing collapses in on them. That's the new The Decaying Ruins sce
Teleporting around the place while a zombie plague is going on is a great way to stay one-step ahead of the shambling hordes. When the Survivors come across a group of teleportation stones, they're go
Sure, there's a zombie plague going on, but adventurers gonna adventure. And when a dungeon is rumored to be full of all manner of treasure, you know that's going to attract those that want to go in a
CMON continues their regular tradition of posting a new Zombicide scenario for you to try out. This time, they're hitting the Way-Back machine and going to ye olden times and Black Plague. Head on ove
Another new scenario for Zombicide is up on the CMON website. This time around, they get medieval and head to the realm of Black Plague. Zombies don't really clear their pockets when they become the u
It's the fi-nal de-fense! *doodle-doo-doo! doodle-doot-doot-doo!*
At the CMON Media Event, we were able to get a look at various games that they have coming down the pipeline. One has a bit of extra pull for me, since I'm an old greenskin. Green Horde is the newest
The Black Plague games have shown us that it's not just humans that can succumb to the forces that cause you to be raised from the dead and seek to feast on the living. We've seen crows and wolves, bu
Be that as it's May, we've got all sorts of plants blooming. The world is becoming green. Though the green that's just over the horizon isn't quite what we want to have in our garden. Green Horde is t
Overnight, CMON's Rising Sun Kickstarter came to an end. It did alright. If you consider $4.2 million, "alright." o,OAs has become customary, the end of the old campaign ushers in an announcement of a
It's the last day of the month. We're 1/4 of the way through the year. The summer heat isn't far away. Time to get your board game collection bulked up and get set for some hot months ahead (or cold o
October is the time for all sorts of spooky and scary things to invade our everyday world. Zombies certainly fit into that category. Seems a couple games of Zombicide would be a perfect way to celebra
*puts on Elton John garb*Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!Saturday! Saturday! Saturday night's alright!Ok, so it's not actually Saturday night yet, but it will be soon (well,
I totally failed to realize that yesterday was the first day of autumn. So it's officially ok to start talking about all things spooky and scary. Pumpkin-flavored everything! The latest releases for B
The city of Modhelm just can't catch a break. First there were the hordes of the Abyss. Then there was the Iron Orc Nation. Now there's zombies! The B-Sieged Kickstarter is crossing over with the upco