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Beyond the Gates of Antares

Warlord Games has some new Beyond the Gates of Antares releases for you. There's a couple drones, as well as the new expansion book, The Chryseis Shard, as a pdf. You now, for those of you that don't
The world of Beyond the Gates of Antares is a dangerous one. You'd thing with an entire galaxy to spread out into that there would be plenty for everyone. Not so, as there's still plenty of conflict o
All the races in Beyond the Gates of Antares were once human. But with the different planets they all colonized, and the different environmental factors therein, they diversified. Well, Togg's race wa
It's always good to make sure you've got the most up-to-date rules for your games. You don't want to make an army, take it to the table, and then figure out that stuff's all changed when your opponent
Things are heating up out in the faraway star systems. The various factions in Beyond the Gates of Antares continually clash against one-another. New tactical formations and equipment are making their
It's Monday.How's yours going? Mine's... being a Monday.But, as usual, we'll make it through. And getting our gaming tables looking good is going to help.Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Terra
July 1st isn't too far off. That's when players will be able to get their hands on The Chryseis Shard, the new expansion book for Beyond the Gates of Antares from Warlord Games. But before then, they'
We've seen for a bit now that there's some new releases for the Freeborn coming for Beyond the Gates of Antares. They include a new starter army, if you've been wanting to jump into the game. Well, if
Whenever Warlord Games comes out with a new book, they have a pre-order for it. And whenever they have their pre-order going, those that get the book directly from them will get an exclusive figure to
We recently saw some of the cool things that the Freeborn will be getting to go along with the upcoming expansion, The Chryseis Shard – Ascent of the Locus, for Beyond the Gates of Antares. But what a
Warlord Games is moving along the story in Beyond the Gates of Antares with their next campaign book, The Chryseis Shard - Ascent of the Locus. Pre-orders for the book are being taken now. Warning, th
Everyone loves to know what's going to be coming out for their factions. "What new minis will I be getting?!" "What will they be able to do?" and most importantly, "When will they be available!?" Well
You know, it's an old, running joke that a certain troopers in a certain game are all armed with flashlights. Hey! It's dark out there in space! Well, the Ghar Outcast Rebel Mag Light Support Walker f
Sure, you could just use a sharpened stick, or even just your bare hands in a fight, but that's not really going to be very effective. Instead, why not bring in the big guns, like a C3 Plasma Bombard
The Algoryn faction for Beyond the Gates of Antares is getting some beefiness added to it. Warlord Games is taking orders for a new plastic command group, a new heavy weapon, and a new starter force.
It really is a day for the big guns to come out from Warlord Games. Along with the other releases, they also have their Algoryn Liberator with Plasma Destroyer available to pre-order. This is still a
I have, on multiple occasions, said how much I love when companies post their rules and stats for their games online. Well, Warlord Games has decided to post up the army lists for the various forces i
The Freeborn are getting a little of this and a little of that in their latest releases for Beyond the Gates of Antares. If you're interested in flying monster cavalry, heavy weapons crews, or genetic
Well, I got into the office today and it seems that the Boromites are just coming up from out of holes in the ground!... Though, now that I think about it, that is sort of their M.O. So I really shoul
I think it's safe to say that these will be the last releases from Warlord Games for Beyond the Gates of Antares... for the year. Well, it is the 30th, after all. Well, they're not ending with just a
Most of the Warlord Games crew is out of the office. But the ones left over have gone a bit CRAZY!! They've slashed prices on a bunch of products and now's your chance to get games and minis at a spec
Warlord Games has a bunch of new releases they've got out now for Beyond the Gates of Antares. Both the Ghar and C3 are lining their sides with some new releases. And they both go form the heavy-hitti
Technology has made it so we don't have to carry around slices of trees with us wherever we go. Most of us have some form of computer in our pockets most of the day. Then there's those with tablets (t
Sometimes you're not sure where to start with a new game system. Maybe you've got a friend who also wants to start. That's where the 2-player starter comes in. If you're looking to start a new game in
The holidays are a good time to get together with family. The Boromites are certainly family-centered in Beyond the Gates of Antares. Their new releases include the matriarch and patriarch of the fami