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Betrayal at House on the Hill

Sometimes, a game's regular components might be good, but they could really go for some extra zhuzh and sparkle. But a game maker might not want to add them all in to the base game, as it'd push the p
WizKids is looking to make your experience with Betrayal at House on the Hill even better than it is now. They are going to be bringing out an Upgrade Kit for the game this September. It contains new,
Usually, I'm all like, "hey! It's Saturday! Go get your gaming on!" and, in a way, I'm still that. But I'm also, "It's the Saturday before Gen Con... ... ... I Have So Many Things I Still Need To Do!!
Well, one down and 51 to go. We're a week into 2017 and it's been a bit of an odd one, at least for me. No single day was "an average day," really. Whether I was working from home or had to go to the