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Beasts of War

Beasts of War puts up episode #2 of their "On the Table" series. Go have yourself a look.

A small preview:

Another couple of weeks have flown by and it's now time to have another look at what's been going on in the world of Tabletop gaming.

The show is packed with cool stuff but a couple of highlights to watch out for are the Zone Mortalis Tiles from Forge World and the sexy ePawn Electronic Gaming Screen.

Beasts of War has posted the last On the Table episode for 2011, their year in review On the Table episode:

From their website:

This is a special half hour clip show just right for watching in front of a warm fire on these cold winter nights. We have stories from across the series covering products from no less than 33 companies.

Beasts of War posts a new episode of their On the Table segment:

From their post:

Latest On the Table Links:

We're back again for another look at what's new and cool in the world of tabletop gaming. It's nearly Xmas and maybe there's something here that might just fill the last space in your stocking!

This week we've featured these cool new products... check them out and see what you think!

The Army Painter Painting Guide -
Super Dungeon Explore Battle foam Trays -
CoolMiniorNot Confrontation Dragon -
Confrontation Video Game! -
Discworld Vimes with Dragon -
Forged In Battle Releases -
Infinity: Haqqislam Hawwa Sniper -
Kromlech: Orc Desert Raider -
Forge World -
Manorhouse Terrain Accessories -
Trollkin War wagon& Khador Battle Mechanik Officer -
Pulp City Shadowmask -
Rogue Miniatures -
Steel Crown Productions Exodus Wars: Royal Empire of Man -
Urban war Concept Art & Minis -
Warlord Acquire Immortal Miniatures -
Rorke’s Drift battle-set! -
White Knight Dwarves & Goblins -


From their post:

As always this week On the Table is packed with all sorts of goodies presented in HD by Warren. So sit back and enjoy the show. If you see something you like have a look below for a link to its website.
Beasts of War will be on TV.

From their announcement:

That’s right gang, your favourite tabletop gaming news show is coming to Sky TV Channel 201 and FreeSat Channel 403.

But what time is it on?

Well the show will be hitting the airwaves at 17:30 BST (GMT +1 hour).

This is just the beginning guys. As far as we know, we’re the world’s first tabletop gaming TV show, so this is our chance to see if we can use the mighty spirit box to grab more gamers in your area and get them into our hobby.

Our initial show might look a lot like On the Table… and for the most part it is. However, we’ll be releasing some of our cool insider details and sneak previews exclusively on the extended TV version of show!

But, don’t worry if you’re one of our loyal internet viewers, or you can’t get the TV show. We’ll be releasing an On-Demand XL version of the show a few days after the air date, so nobody will miss out.

So join us tomorrow and check out the show and let’s see if we can make this a TV launch to be proud off!
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In this segment:

As Cutlass week draws to a close and Games Day fades from our minds it is time to see what else has been happening in the wide world of tabletop wargaming. Join Warren to take a look at transforming mechs, board and card games from Fantasy Flight, and a rather treacherous new character for Infinity’s Haqqislam faction. It’s all here in this week’s On the Table. Discuss
Dream Pod 9 has previewed their NuCoal faction on Beasts of War.

From their website:

Perfect Storm – The NuCoal Field Guide

Here’s the place to get all your information and up-to-date background on the NuCoal and their struggle against the other factions of the Heavy Gear game world and their place in the battle for Terra-Nova. The book will contain datacards for the New Coalition Self-Defense Force (NuCoal SDF) and Port Arthur Korps (PAK), plus army lists for all NuCoal forces.
Beasts of War has posted how to play Cutlass!, as part of Cutlass! week, by Black Scorpion Miniatures. Check out their other videos as well!

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The Beasts of War channel on YouTube has been removed due to unspecified contravention of the site's Community Guidelines. From their website:
BeastsOfWar has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of our Community Guidelines.
No word from the Beasts of War team if they have had any word from YouTube as to what these violations are. Discuss 31
Mantic Games Orc with AxeBeasts of War have posted a preview of the test sprues for the upcoming Mantic Games 28mm plastic fantasy Orcs. The Mantic blog has photos of the sprues as well as some test models built with them. From their announcement:
Beasts of War managed to get their hands on one of the early test shots of the Orc frame recently, we decided to take some photos of the nice, shiny and new Orc Ax Troop and Orc Command frames for you to drool over… Naturally, we couldn’t resist building some either, so here’s a shot from the Orc Ax sprue: The Orc Ax Troop and Detachment are now currently available to pre-order on our website, as well as our 100 figure Orc Warrior Bundle, and will be released on the 25th April. By pre-ordering, you’ll be first in line to get your hands on the awesome new orcs, which is sure to make your friends green with envy. Remember, drop us some comments below and let us know what you think, and keep checking back to the blog this week where we might just have some painted Orcs to show-off.
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