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Beasts of War

Beasts of War puts up episode #2 of their "On the Table" series. Go have yourself a look.A small preview:Another couple of weeks have flown by and it's now time to have another look at what's been goi
Beasts of War has posted the last On the Table episode for 2011, their year in review On the Table episode:From their website:This is a special half hour clip show just right for watching in front of
Beasts of War posts a new episode of their On the Table segment:From their post:Latest On the Table Links:We're back again for another look at what's new and cool in the world of tabletop gaming. It's
Beasts of War has posted the new On The Table.
From their post:As always this week On the Table is packed with all sorts of goodies presented in HD by Warren. So sit back and enjoy the show. If you see something you like have a look below for a li
Beasts of War will be on TV.From their announcement:That’s right gang, your favourite tabletop gaming news show is coming to Sky TV Channel 201 and FreeSat Channel 403.But what time is it on?Well the
In this segment:As Cutlass week draws to a close and Games Day fades from our minds it is time to see what else has been happening in the wide world of tabletop wargaming. Join Warren to take a look a
Dream Pod 9 has previewed their NuCoal faction on Beasts of War.From their website:Perfect Storm – The NuCoal Field GuideHere’s the place to get all your information and up-to-date background on the N
Beasts of War has posted how to play Cutlass!, as part of Cutlass! week, by Black Scorpion Miniatures. Check out their other videos as well!
The Beasts of War channel on YouTube has been removed due to unspecified contravention of the site's Community Guidelines. From their website: BeastsOfWar has been terminated due to multiple or sever
Beasts of War have posted a preview of the test sprues for the upcoming Mantic Games 28mm plastic fantasy Orcs. The Mantic blog has photos of the sprues as well as some test models built with them. F