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Battleroad Games and Hobbies LLC

Battleroad Games & Hobbies is having to close up shop and is selling off their stock.SourceFrom the announcement:It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing the shutdown of Th
Two Dog Miniatures (still on the Battleroad Games & Hobbies Facebook page for now) has posted up a preview 3D render of their Traitor Lord for Katana War of the Oni.From the preview:We are extremely h
Battleroad Games and Hobbies is looking for new playtesters for a game they're working on.From the announcement:We have just opened up the application process for those wanting to help us test out the
Battleroad Games posted up some artwork for an upcoming game they've been working on. Expect a Kickstarter later this year.From the preview:So I am please to unveil the finished digital sculpt of the
Battleroad Games has a new line of beveled-edged bases available over in their webshop.From the release:We previewed these the other week at Adepticon and the customers loved them. Now they are availa
Battleroad Games and Hobbies is looking for a few good digital sculptors. To me, computers are magic boxes run by gnomes and elves. So I'm certainly out.From the announcement:As we are ever expanding
Battleroad Games is looking to fund a project to make new customizable pieces for modeling. They've got a project up on Kickstarter and would like your help.From the project:We are looking to expand u
Battleroad Games and Hobbies LLC previews custum heads that will be available forpurchase on their webstore:From their website:we will be releasing next month the first in what will be a long line of