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Crystal Star Games releases their game Battlemage for all to enjoy!From the announcement:Battlemage has been released! It is available at DriveThruRPG, Wargame Vault and RPGNow. There is a free versio
Crystal Star Games has a bunch of news about their game Battlemage for us. Let's see what they have to say.Lots of news for you today! Firstly, the final two previews of the warbands have been posted,
Crystal Star Games has their next preview for the Battlemage game factions. This time it's the Cult of the Black Wind.From the preview:The newest preview for Battlemage is now live, this time dealing
Battlemage has a preview up of their second warband, the Shadow Academy.From the preview:The second warband preivew for Battlemage has been posted at the game's website. This time it is for the Shadow
Crystal Star Games has the start of their previews coming. The first is a description for their Whiterock Loyalists.From the preview:The first warbands preview has gone up for Battlemage and describes
Battlemage Forums, dedicated messageboard for Battlemage, the new fantasy wargame, is now online: