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Skeletons, Ghosts, Zombies, ... just all sorts of undead. The season for them is basically upon us. And if you want to extend the spooky goings-on to your tabletop, and you play BattleLore, then you'r
Fantasy Flight Games has a big preview they've posted up today. (see what I did there?)He's not jolly. He's not green (unless you paint him that way). But he's nonetheless a giant, and he's coming to
The undead have long been popular as baddies in all forms of media, miniatures gaming especially. Now they're invading BattleLore 2nd Edition from Fantasy Flight Games in the form of Terrors of the Mi
Fantasy Flight Games has unleashed the locusts in the latest major expansion for BattleLore. Locust brings new units with which to fight your opponents in the form of the Uthuk Y’llan. Coupled with th
Fantasy Flight Games has released the online multiplayer format for BattleLore: Command. So if you want to play your buddy in Walla-Walla, but you're stuck in Addis Ababa, you can do that. You get to
Fantasy Flight Games is showing off previews of some new army packs they'll be coming out with soon for BattleLore.SourceFrom the announcement:Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce two upcoming Ar
Fantasy Flight Games is coming out with an expansion dice set for BattleLore. Because you can always use more dice.SourceFrom the announcement:Whether you’re leading the Rune Golems and Citadel Guard
Fantasy Flight Games now has BattleLore 2nd edition available over in their website.SourceFrom the release:The Uthuk Y’llan hordes march out of the Ru Darklands into the realm of Terrinoth, spreading
Fantasy Flight Games has posted the rules for BattleLore 2nd edition up on their website for you to go check out.SourceFrom the website:The Secrets of BattleIf you still have questions about gameplay
Fantasy Flight Games has posted up a preview for BattleLore Second Edition that shows how armies figure out what their objective is in the game as well as where they can deploy.SourceFrom the post:Fan
Fantasy Flight Games has the second edition of BattleLore coming. They recently sat down with the game's original creator, Richard Borg, and asked him about his thoughts on the new updated rules.From