Battlefleet Gothic

Battlefleet Gothic: Leviathans Coming To iOS

Battlefleet Gothic takes the ground-based battles we know oh so well from the 41st millennium and expands them up into the stars. Unfortunately, it's a pretty rare thing to find on gaming tables these days. However, fans of the game will soon have a new way to play, and bringing in new players won't mean tracking down a bunch of out-of-print miniatures, either, as Battlefleet Gothic: Leviathans will soon be making its way to iOS.

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Games Workshop To Open Specialist Design Studio

Well, this one had been running around the rumor mill pretty heavily this morning. When I first heard about it, I thought, "there's no way." And I'd been not wanting to post anything here until I got something from what I considered a "really, truly, official source."
Well, the GW App has the news now, so I think it's safe to share.
Games Workshop is going to be creating a Specialist Design Studio. But what does that mean?

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Focus Home Interactive and Tindalos Interactive to make Battlefleet Gothic RTS video game

Tindalos Interactive and Focus Home Interactive (very interactive names there) have announced that they'll be creating a real-time strategy video game based on the Battlefleet Gothic miniatures game from Games Workshop. You'll be able to create and customize your own ships and fleets of not just humans, but Chaos, Eldar, and Orcs, as you see fit.


From the announcement:
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