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Battle Foam

Battle Foam has new foam trays available for the new High Elves as well as Eldar releases from Games Workshop.
Battle Foam has new trays specifically designed to hold the new Tau releases from Games Workshop.
CoolMiniOrNot Expo is coming in just a couple months.We've got a lot of great vendors that will be in attendance. One of them is Battle Foam, and trust me, you'll want to be here to see what they've g
Battle Foam now has new magnetic tray racks that insert into their CMON/Infinity/Mantic bags as well as their Privateer Press bags.From the announcement:The Magna Rack was designed for those gamers wh
Battle Foam is making custom foam trays for the X-Wing Miniatures game from Fantasy Flight Games.From the website:In this kit, you will receive two trays that fit the the game pieces from the Star War
Battle Foam gives you a better way to carry your models with custom trays for the new Dark Vengeance starter from Games Workshop for Warhammer 40k.From the release:With this load out option, you recei
Play Unplugged takes a look at Battle Foam's P.A.C.K. Mini-carrier, for when you only need to take a few models/supplies with you.From the review:Play Unplugged's Enrico Nardini has been doing a lot o
Battle Foam has just unveiled their new Iron Kingdoms messenger bag and are now taking pre-orders. What better could there be to carry around your new Iron Kingdoms RPG books?From the release:The Iron
Battle Foam has a new gaming bag available to pre-order. This one doesn't have the hard plastic case inside of the canvas, so it's a bit cheaper than their other bags.From the release:The Battle Foam
Battle Foam keeps your model save and secure with these new custom-fit trays for some of the gaming world's newest (and some of the biggest) releases.From the update:We are happy to release several ne
Battlefoam wants your puppets to be safe for your Puppet Wars armies. So they've got a bag for that (there's an app for that?). Anyway, this one comes with an exclusive model that you can get months b
Battle Foam will have an exclusive new Infinity model at their booth at GenCon Indy this year. Check it out.From the notice:Hello Gamers,We are happy to announce a very special early release that will
Battlefront, mostly known for Flames of War, and Battle Foam, makers of model carrying cases, extend their partnership.As many of you already know Battle Foam and Battlefront have been partners for ma
Battle Foam Has new releases for storing and displaying your favorite miniatures and previews their new X-Board Fury Travel Display system:From their post:Available soon:Legion Of Everblight Throne Of
Battle Foam releases a foam kit to hold the contents of the Super Dungeon Explore! game:From their announcement:The Super Dungeon Explore foam kit will hold the entire game's contents and fit perfectl
Mantic Games announces the availability of their Brranded Battle Foam bags:From their announcement:The top story has to be the visit from Romeo of Battle Foam. He swung by, dropped off some of the new
Battle Foam announces a Facebook/Twitter contest:From their announcement:Battle Foam Facebook ContestWe are looking to expand our Facebook followers with your help. Once Battle Foam hits 2,500 followe
Battle Foam releases foam trays for Sea Fleet games.From their announcement:The Sea Fleet Foam Trays are designed to work with the new Dread Fleet board game. Both trays will fit the entire content of
An update on a recent news item about Miniature Market no longer being able to sell Battle Foam products. According to Battle Foam, Miniature Market was in violation of their trade terms and were s
Miniature Market have announced that Battle Foam is no longer selling product to the US based online retailer. From their website: Battlefoam has decided to no longer allow us to purchase their produ
Battle Foam have added new P.A.C.K. Air Foam Trays to their online store. From their announcement: Hello guys, With the release of the P.A.C.K. Air a truly fly friendly bag we designed some new t
Battle Foam have sent photos of the second official Infinity miniature case that will be released soon.From their announcement:Here are the first pictures of the second Infinity Bag coming out this fa
Battle Foam is now selling their Heavy Gear Blitz Bags and Foam Trays. They have also posted a video on YouTube demoing the bags.
Secret Weapon Miniatures have posted photos of the custom trays being produced for them by Battle Foam. From their announcement: This incredible bag will hold all 22 Secret Weapon Pigments, all 30
Corvus Belli have posted photos of the official Infinity bag from Battle FoamFrom their website:We are so excited to show you this preview of the upcoming Battle Foam Infinity bag. Corvus Belli has si