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Battle Foam

Battle Foam has new trays specifically designed to hold the new Tau releases from Games Workshop.

CoolMiniOrNot Expo is coming in just a couple months.
We've got a lot of great vendors that will be in attendance. One of them is Battle Foam, and trust me, you'll want to be here to see what they've got going on.

For the first 200 people to register for the convention, they'll be giving away a 20% off coupon for any order after the convention. And that's just a start.

They'll also have their product line at the convention, including Dark Age and CMON bags, as well as the special foam trays for CMON products (Super Dungeon Explore, Dark Age, etc) at 10% off during the show. And if they didn't bring something you wanted, or sold out, you can order it from them while at the show and they'll give you free shipping for US customers. International orders will get a flat $20 shipping. Now that's a nice deal.

And for those that may not have known, Battle Foam is also with Outlaw Miniatures, the guys doing Wild West Exodus. They'll be running demos of the game at the show. Be sure to stop by and see how the game plays. Oh? And those first 200 people to register for the convention? They'll also get an exclusive Union Lady of the West model.

Now that's nice.
Be sure to check out everything in their Kickstarter campaign. They've unlocked a ton of stuff and still have 10 days to go.

So sign up and get yourself some nice goodies for the show.

And if that weren't enough (it never is for you people! You're insatiable!... which is fine) we're giving away an X-Board Travel Display Board right here, right now (well, you can sign up below for it right now. We'll do the drawing on Monday). All you have to do is comment below to get your name in the hat.
Small note: the box is a little rough, but the board's still in perfect shape.

So yeah, sign up and come on out for the party here in Atlanta in May. We'll be happy to have you. Discuss 28
Battle Foam now has new magnetic tray racks that insert into their CMON/Infinity/Mantic bags as well as their Privateer Press bags.

From the announcement:

The Magna Rack was designed for those gamers who like to store and transport their miniatures magnatized upright and free from other materials.

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Battle Foam is making custom foam trays for the X-Wing Miniatures game from Fantasy Flight Games.

From the website:

In this kit, you will receive two trays that fit the the game pieces from the Star Wars X-Wing board game. This kit fits perfectly in a P.A.C.K. 216 bag.

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Battle Foam gives you a better way to carry your models with custom trays for the new Dark Vengeance starter from Games Workshop for Warhammer 40k.

From the release:

With this load out option, you receive four foam trays that fit the complete contents of the Dark Vengeance Starter Box plus a lot of additional models.

Play Unplugged takes a look at Battle Foam's P.A.C.K. Mini-carrier, for when you only need to take a few models/supplies with you.

From the review:

Play Unplugged's Enrico Nardini has been doing a lot of skirmish gaming as a part of A Month of MERCS. In this review he takes a look at the new case he purchased to transport his skirmish game forces, the Battle Foam P.A.C.K. Mini.

Battle Foam has just unveiled their new Iron Kingdoms messenger bag and are now taking pre-orders. What better could there be to carry around your new Iron Kingdoms RPG books?

From the release:

The Iron Kingdoms Messenger Bag is a great accessory for this role playing game. The large main pocket will comfortably fit the Iron Kingdoms Core Rules or can be used to carry a laptop instead. An exandable zipper on the large pocket adds two inches of storage space to make room to carry additional rulebooks.

There are additional pockets to store papers, thinner books or even an iPad. This bag has a pocket specifically made to store one pluck foam tray, which can be customized in order to easily transport your RPG miniatures. This pluck foam tray is included with your purchase. Another pocket is available to store dice and other gaming accessories. The front of this pocket has four smaller pockets for holding game cards.

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Battle Foam has a new gaming bag available to pre-order. This one doesn't have the hard plastic case inside of the canvas, so it's a bit cheaper than their other bags.

From the release:

The Battle Foam Sword Bag is the ideal bag for the Gamer on a budget.

Not only does this bag come at an amazing price but it also uses our Battle Foam SD trays that measure 13" x 7.75". This even allows customers to use existing foam trays from other companies due to the common foam size.

This bag is made with a grey canvas material for added durability and long life. There is one pocket on each side of the bag as well as the back and there are four on the front to store books and other gaming accessories.

Unlike the P.A.C.K. System bags, this bag is not made with a hard plastic inner shell and will collapse when not filled with foam. This is what allows for the amazing price point of only $36.99 empty.

This bag can also be ordered with a standard or pluck foam load out for only $61.99.

The bag can hold 11" of foam when full and is due to release Oct 1st. Pre-orders are available now

Battle Foam keeps your model save and secure with these new custom-fit trays for some of the gaming world's newest (and some of the biggest) releases.

From the update:

We are happy to release several new trays for 40K’s new flyers and the latest creations from Privateer Press.

Battlefoam wants your puppets to be safe for your Puppet Wars armies. So they've got a bag for that (there's an app for that?). Anyway, this one comes with an exclusive model that you can get months before everyone else. Check it out.

From the website:

The Puppet Wars Bag gives you the perfect solution for transporting this great board game. The bag will fit the entire contents of the box including the game board. Extra room is available for additional puppets. There is also a slot to hold two sets of cards. The bag is made with the same hard durable quality as all Battle Foam bags.

This bag will hold two inches of foam. With this load out option, you will receive:

1x 2 inch (50 mm) thick tray with 18x 1 x 1 inch (25 x 25 mm) cut outs, 5x 1 1/4 x 1 1/4 inch (32 x 32 mm) cut outs and 1x 3 1/2 x 1 1/4 inch (89 x 32 mm) cut outs.

This purchase will come with the Early Release Lucius Puppet miniature with playing card. (Get your exclusive Lucius Puppet miniature with this bundle months before it releases for sale.)

Custom test is not available on this product.

Tray Dimensions - 13W x 6.5L x 2H" (330W x 165L x 50H mm)

Bag Dimensions - 13W x 6.5L x 2H" (330W x 165L x 50H mm)

Battle Foam will have an exclusive new Infinity model at their booth at GenCon Indy this year. Check it out.

From the notice:

Hello Gamers,
We are happy to announce a very special early release that will happen at GenCon in Indianapolis this summer.
The great guys at CB really want you to stop by and say hi. Take in a demo or check out their great display at the Battle Foam booth.
To make it special they have designed a really amazing box set that will feature an awesome TAG with an additional Girl Model.

This will be a box set that will be available later in 2012 for everyone to purchase, but we will have a small quantity on hand at GenCon only at the Battle Foam booth.

The box set will be a mercenary choice that will be very appealing.

Prices and details will be made available as we get closer to the con.

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Battlefront, mostly known for Flames of War, and Battle Foam, makers of model carrying cases, extend their partnership.

As many of you already know Battle Foam and Battlefront have been partners for many years. We are excited to announce the next chapter in our relationship is here. After several years of offering the complete FOW Kit Bag solution through our usual channels we satisfied the market to some degree but always felt we could be doing more to give gamers and store owners more of what they wanted. With the Battle Foam expansion this past year and the opening of offices to directly service the stores and keep up with demand we are now able to do this.

Battle Foam Has new releases for storing and displaying your favorite miniatures and previews their new X-Board Fury Travel Display system:

From their post:

Available soon:

Legion Of Everblight Throne Of Judgement Foam trays. (Gamers get ready for the perfect solution to the new Battle Engine transportation problem. The Throne Of Judgement Trays)

MagnaRack storage solution. (The ideal options for gamers looking to magnatize their models and remove the foam. Ideal for storage or transport. Fits inside any Warmachine or Hordes bags)

Stacker Home Storage Unit. (The best option for storing your foam trays in a home setting. Ideal for keeping wives and girlfriends happy and content)

Privateer Press Big Bag. (The newest creation for the Privateer Press Warmachine and Hordes fans. This case holds a bit more foam but still fits on a plane. It also has wheels for heavy armies)
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Battle Foam releases a foam kit to hold the contents of the Super Dungeon Explore! game:

From their announcement:

The Super Dungeon Explore foam kit will hold the entire game's contents and fit perfectly inside the box. It a great way to protect and organize all of th miniatures. A custom topper is included with this kit and has the Super Dungeon Explore, Cool Mini or Not and Soda Pop Miniatures logos engraved on it.

Custom text is not available on this product.

Foam Kit includes:
•2x trays that are 12W x 6L x 1.5H (305W x 152L x 38H mm)
•1x tray that is 12W x 6L x 3.5H (305W x 152L x 89H mm)

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Mantic Games announces the availability of their Brranded Battle Foam bags:

From their announcement:

The top story has to be the visit from Romeo of Battle Foam. He swung by, dropped off some of the new Mantic/Battle Foam bags and did a video for us talking about all the features on the big, small bags.

The most impressive fact we discovered was just how many models you can fit into each bag. In the standard load out you can fit over 250 figures in the foam trays – enough even for a Mantic sized army, and the best value-for-money way to carry your models – just what you would expect from a product with Mantic on it! However, these bags are fantastically well made, with all the quality touches you expect from Battle foam and they come with the trademark Battle Foam guarantees (1 year on the bag and a lifetime on the foam). To find out more, watch the video he recorded for us!

The bag is available in a number of ways – you can buy it empty (and use it to carry round your existing Mantic boxes!), with a standard load out – which allows you to fit a huge Kings of War army (or even armies from other manufacturers ;) You can also buy a custom load out which includes an exclusive voucher that you can use on the Battle Foam website and can design your own foam trays to fit your orc buggies, Forge Father Jotuun heavy cannons and made up Kings of War and Warpath units (see voucher for details)! Finally, you can get it pre-bundled with one of our Army Sets and get yourself a free blister for your trouble!
Battle Foam announces a Facebook/Twitter contest:

From their announcement:

Battle Foam Facebook Contest

We are looking to expand our Facebook followers with your help. Once Battle Foam hits 2,500 followers on Facebook, we will choose one follower at random to be the winner of the Battle Foam Facebook Contest. The winner will receive $250 in Battle Foam Bucks to be used on Battle Foam products. Battle Foam Facebook Page
Battle Foam releases foam trays for Sea Fleet games.

From their announcement:

The Sea Fleet Foam Trays are designed to work with the new Dread Fleet board game. Both trays will fit the entire content of the box and will allow for easy fit inside your official game box or your Battle Foam case. The 1st tray will hold all 10 ships included in the game and the large island terrain piece. The 2nd tray will hold the remainder of the terrain pieces along with game cards, dice, measuring markers, and small game pieces. Discuss 10
An update on a recent news item about Miniature Market no longer being able to sell Battle Foam products. According to Battle Foam, Miniature Market was in violation of their trade terms and were selling Battle Foam products at a discount higher than stipulated in the trade terms. As well, according to Battle Foam, Miniature Market were also selling product via eBay which is also against their trade terms. Romeo at Battle Foam stated that these restrictions are part of the trade terms to help protect brick and mortar stores that also sell their product and that they had numerous emails with Miniature Market asking them to conform to the trade terms they agreed with. I've attempted to contact Miniature Market regarding this issue but they haven't responded to emails yet. Discuss 80
Miniature Market have announced that Battle Foam is no longer selling product to the US based online retailer. From their website:
Battlefoam has decided to no longer allow us to purchase their products. We will be discounting all of their items until they are gone.
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Battle Foam have added new P.A.C.K. Air Foam Trays to their online store. Space Marine P.A.C.K. Air Tray From their announcement:
Hello guys, With the release of the P.A.C.K. Air a truly fly friendly bag we designed some new trays. These are just the first in a new lineup of cool trays made to store hundreds of points of minis in just one easy to store solution. Not only can you fit a bunch of vehicles in these trays, but the P.A.C.K. Air will still have loads of room for smaller vehicles and troops. Check these out under their specific army name or under "New Items" on
Battle Foam have sent photos of the second official Infinity miniature case that will be released soon.

From their announcement:
Here are the first pictures of the second Infinity Bag coming out this fall. Its called the Infinity Mini aka Beta Bag and will feature a smaller more compact size.

This smaller size is for the gamers just getting into the hobby and looking to test Infinity for the first time. This bag is also great for heading to a local friends house with just a few minis.

This bag and the Infinity Full size bag (aka Alpha Bag) will release at the same time early fall. The Beta Bag will not have the special addition model at launch time since that is reserved for the Alpha Bag.

Ps. There is also another picture of the limited addition model coming out with the Alpha bag.
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Secret Weapon Miniatures have posted photos of the custom trays being produced for them by Battle Foam. PACK 216 trays From their announcement:
This incredible bag will hold all 22 Secret Weapon Pigments, all 30 Secret Weapon washes and still has room for tools and a couple of extras. Your brushes can be safely stored in the lid and the foam toppers will keep things from getting damaged. The bag will be available later this month, empty or full, from both Secret Weapon and Battle Foam.
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Corvus Belli have posted photos of the official Infinity bag from Battle Foam

From their website:
We are so excited to show you this preview of the upcoming Battle Foam Infinity bag.
Corvus Belli has signed a deal with Battle Foam to let them make and specially designed bag perfect for transporting all Infinity miniatures, books and game accessories.

The design was made according to the instructions and measures provided by Corvus Belli, tested with the Infinity miniatures, focusing in providing foam trays that could fit with all the diversity of the Infinity range.
This Infinity official bag will be available in pre-order soon in the Battle Foam website, you will receive more information and surprises, so, keep connected.