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Battle Flag

It's Sunday. Here in the States, it's Father's Day. If you are a father, hope you have a great Father's Day. If you're not a father, I still hope you have a great day, regardless. As for me, I'm sitting here at the start of the last day of CMON Expo 2015. It's been a great time. Very busy, lots of panels yesterday. I hope you enjoyed the reports of all the new stuff. I'll get you a link to the other photo collections here in a minute from yesterday, and there will be some more today.

But anyway, for the moment, we're getting together the bite-sized stories we've come across in the past couple days.

In this batch we have: Dragon Forge Tech-Deck Additions - Expansion Base Set Kickstarter Running Now, Pedion Wall System unlocked, New Dwarves Female Regiment 28mm from Scibor, Fantasy Concept Cards IV: Creatures and Treasures on Kickstarter Now, Dungeon Revolutions is available now from Thomarillion, Amber Portable Weapon and Gun Crew at The Ion Age, 28mm Satyr Group now available from Lone Gunman Games, Khurasan releases planet-killing space monster, Tabletop-Art Ancestral Ruins RL 30mm and 40mm Deals Available Now, Brigade Models - New 15mm Releases, Battle Flag : Cloth Battlemats for Wargames Indiegogo, Q-Workshop to Publish Shadowrun Dice, Secret Weapon Adds Five New Knight Bases, Manorhouse Workshop Launches Underground Terrain Kickstarter, Post Captain Master Index Pt 3 Shore Raids Chapters, and Heroic Maps - Modular Kit: Town - Streets & Houses.

Battle Flag gives your caffeine hands a break, coming out with new waterslide transfers for Fireforge Games.

From the announcement:

Here at Battle Flag we are extremely pleased to have been chosen to produce the official waterslide transfer and decal sets for the superb Fireforge Plastics range of 28mm medieval wargame miniatures.

The latest shield designs are for the all new Fireforge Foot Sergeants released this week.

The transfers are available in both an as new and a battle damaged, war weary finish. We have created 24 different designs for the first four waterslide transfer sheets. This ensures that you can place 96 different foot sergeants on the table and not one of their shields is repeated; although you will be able to build up retinues of 4 figures sharing the same heraldic blazon.

With the second phase almost complete the gamer will soon be able to field almost 200 Foot Sergeant models with different shield designs for a truly awesome spectacle.

Battle Flag also produce the official transfer sets for Fireforge Games Teutonic and Templar Knights boxed sets.

Look out for more new official Fireforge Medieval waterslide decal sets from Battle Flag soon.

Battle Flag has released a new paint storage system to help keep all your colorful goop separated and sorted.

From them to you:

Designed to hold 43 pots of Vallejo/Model Color size pots along with your brushes, files and scissors the new Paint Storage System Tray (P.S.S.T.) from Battle Flag offers unrivalled quality and functionality.
Battle Flag has a new piece of Wild West terrain available. Now you can string up ornery varmints with your own gallows.

From the release:

You can now hang ‘em high in Trinity and Blackwater Gulch in fact in any 28/30mm Old West Frontier game.

Battle Flag’s easy to assemble laser cut precision kit gives the modeller and gamer a very realistic set of gallows for their Wild West games. Based on photographs of actual gallows of the Frontier period the model is perfectly sized for 28mm Heroic scale and 30mm wargame miniatures; making it ideal for Blackwater Gulch and Malifaux style games.

The easy to assemble Gallows kit from Battle Flag stands an impressive 105mm high. Based on a set of photographs of an actual gallows of the period it has all the details of the real thing; a traditional stair of 13 steps leads up to the fully engraved platform with its railings, crossbeam, trapdoor and lever. The platform has been designed to accommodate miniatures mounted on bases of up to 30mm. The scaffolding to the drop at the front of the model has been left without crossbeam supports; as a hanging was a popular day out and the authorities didn’t want the public’s viewing pleasure obstructed in any way. Gallows were constructed to ensure maximum spectacle.

Another feature of Battle Flag’s model gallows which is worthy of note is that, through careful design, our gallows are assembled with hidden construction joints. This gives a superbly realistic look to the finished model.

Priced at just £10.50 this is just one of the Battle Flag series of models from our Old West range of model buildings and can be purchased directly from our secure online store

Battle Flag has their attorneeeey... *looks around* ... with them, and they realize that his name is not on the list, but they must have a suite!
Actually, the Attorney has a suite of his own, well, a whole building actually and they're releasing it to upgrade the look of your tabletops.

From the release:

The Old West range of model buildings is now growing apace, with the release of our superb Wild West Bordello Kit already this week, we are now pleased to announce our Attorney's Office.

Made from the same premium high resin content fibre board as all our models the Attorney's Office has a raised floor and boardwalk as well as a removable gabled roof and fully engraved internal floor for extra modelling and gaming possibilities.

Battle Flag have been preparing the first of their own range of wargame buildings:

From their website:

As with all Battle Flags products they are designed to give great results with only the most basic of modelling tools. The models come as both kits and fully completed wargame buildings.

The laser cut wargame building kit includes full colour waterslide transfers and decals for all hoarding and windows as well as a sheet of scale tarred paper effect roofing.
Extremely easy to put together all parts are pre cut and fit together perfectly. The full colour transfers and papers assure a superb model regardless of modelling ability. Only a little paint, glue, scissors are all that is required to create a superb model ready for the gaming table.

Battle Flag will be creating a full range of beautifully detailed models of Old West wargame buildings for our fictional town of Trinity. The models are all based on fully researched historical buildings from the Wild West of the Frontier Period of American History.

For the latest info and models go to
Battle Flag Announces New Releases:

From their announcement:

This week not only sees the release of shield transfers for, my favorite knights of the early medieval period, The Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem, more often called The Teutonic Knights but also two more flag sets for our already extensive range of superb 28mm English Civil War flags.
Battle Flag have released a set of decals for adding Tartan patterns to your 28mm miniatures. Victrix 28mm Scottish Highlander Gordon 92nd Tartan Kilt  transfers copy From their announcement:
I am sure that there are many gamers who have always wanted to field Scottish Regiments in their British Napoleonic wargame armies. But like me have felt that their skill with a paint brush just wasn’t up to the task of painting model soldier tartan in 28mm wargame scale. With Battle Flags latest series of transfer kits for the Victrix 28mm plastic Highlanders getting tartan right on your wargame miniature is no longer a problem.
Battle Flag have released a series of 28mm Medieval Heraldry and Barding waterslide transfer kits. medieval barding set applied to a Kingmaker miniature From their announcement:
This week sees the incredible new 28mm medieval waterslide transfer kits for Kingmaker's superb 28mm 15th Century medieval Knights. The new 28mm medieval transfer kits are designed to take all the hard work out of painting and collecting a beautiful medieval wargame army. Using battle Flags new special waterslide paper the wargamer and collector can now cover a complete 28mm horse barding simply and easily.
Battle Flag has released the first of their water-slide transfers - 28mm Viking shield transfers. From their announcement:
This week sees the first release of our all new true water-slide decals and transfers. Simply soak in water for approximately 20 seconds and slide into place. Printed on an all new extremely fine, but tough, decal paper Battle Flags 28mm water slide transfers will slide effortlessly into place and give stunning results every time. The first release sees 72 different designs for Viking shields and at 13mm diameter these will fit the Gripping Beast plastic Vikings perfectly. If you want your shields larger or smaller simply let me know the diameter when you order, or send me a shield sample in the post which I will return it with your order, and I will resize to your specific requirements for a perfect fit. Lots of very fine detail and lots of battle wear for atmosphere and effect. From hacks and chip marks to blood spatter and dirt (check out the bloody hand mark on some of the shields) Battle Flags new 28mm Viking water slide transfers and decals are available now As a special bonus anyone ordering all 6 sets of 28mm shield decals will receive a Viking standard similar to the one used in the "Valhalla Awaits Us Brothers" vignette absolutely free of charge with their order.
28mm Viking Shield Transfers
28mm Napoleonic Russian 1797 Pattern flagsBattle Flag have released a series of 28mm Napoleonic Russian 1797 Pattern wargaming flags. From their announcement:
The latest 28mm flags from battle Flag sees the release of the long promised )1797 pattern wargame flags for the Russian Army of the early Napoleonic period. (See the September 2009 posting for more details) 15 beautifully detailed plates allow the wargamer to add both the white (Colonel’s) and the colored (Regimental) standards to their Russian wargame Regiments. Using Battle Flag's stunning “living silk" effect these flags are designed to create the impression that they of real silk blowing in the wind. This effect gives the model army much greater visual appeal whether on the wargames table or in the display cabinet. As with all Battle Flags range of wargame and collectors flags they are printed using only archival quality inks and papers for superb quality and lasting value.
Battle Flags have added new 15mm flags of Bohemia and Sweden for the Thirty Years War. flags of Bohemia and Sweden for the Thirty Years War From their announcement:
Following hot on the heels of last weeks 28mm flag releases comes these 15mm flag plates. Each plate represents excellent value containing eighteen flags 15mm flags of the named Army. Enough wargame flags for a complete army. Wallenstein and the Army of Bohemia are represented on the first wargame flag plate and includes the Verdugo and Lobel Regiments. The Swedish 15mm TYW Flag Plate II again has eighteen 15mm flags. Six Swedish TYW Protestant Regiments are detailed, 5 infantry and 1 cavalry. The Regiments include , the Blue (Mercernary) Regiment, Mackay’s Regiment, Von Lebeinstein’s Regiment, Von Bernhard’s Regiment, the Yellow Regiment and finally the Vastgota Cavalry.
Battle Flags have released new 28mm wargaming flags for the Thirty Years War.

Thirty Years War Flags

From their announcement:
The new 28mm flag sets from the Battle Flag Thirty Years War series of wargame flags include 4 sets of Colours for Sweden and three for the Catholic forces.

The Swedish TYW 28mm gamer can now add three flags of the Blue Mercenary Regiment, six of the flags carried by Leibenstein’s Regiment and three of the known Colours carried by MacKay’s Scots to their armies.

The Catholic TYW series not only sees new flags but adds a completely new Army to the Battle Flag range of wargame flags: The French Regiments of Louis XIII Army. The first three plates of the range allow the 28mm wargamer and collector to choose from no less than nine of the Colours carried by the Gardes Francais.
Battle Flags have released a set of wargaming flags for the Texas War of Independence. Texas War Of Independance flags From their announcement:
The latest release of wargame and model flags from Battle Flag sees the flags of the volunteers of the Texas War of Independence. Covering the main period of the war 1835-1836 as well as James Long’s earlier expeditions in 1821 the plates include the flags carried at the main battles of the Texas Revolution and of course that flown at the Alamo.
Battle Flag have released a set of wargaming flags for Wallenstein's Imperial Army of The Thirty Years War. Wallenstein's Imperial Army From their announcement:
With this month’s Lutzen article, in Wargames Illustrated featuring flags and banners by Battle Flag, I thought it about time to increase the Thirty Years War range of wargame flags to encompass more of the spectacular flags carried by the Armies of the period. With help from the Wargames illustrated back catalogue I was able to find details on literally hundreds of flags and banners from the Thirty Years War. Having long been an admirer of Wallenstein his was the first army tackled. I have designed no less than thirty new TYW wargame flags released on 10 plates, printed as always with archival quality inks on quality papers, for Wallenstein's Imperial Army. I have also added a set of Virgin and Child Banners to the Bayern & Liga forces and , not to be out done, another fine set for the Swedish. Many more Thirty Years War flags will be published over the coming weeks as I am determined to make Battle Flag’s range of Thirty Years War flags the finest and most complete in the industry.