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Battle Bunker Games

The weekend rapidly approaches. With any luck, you've got gaming on-deck for those wonderful days. I know I've got some lined up. If you do, you'll want your gaming tables to look as good as possible. And we're here to help with our Terrain Corner.

Today we have: Valquiria Studio Now Shipping to Europe, Manorhouse Workshop Update #27 – Important news for the “3D Bases” Kickstarter, Runic Forge Handcrafted Terrain up on Kickstarter, RPG Battlegrid: Pwork Wargames RPG support material now Available, and Final Hours For THMiniatures Kickstarter Campaign.

Battle Bunker Games sets sail for adventure with their Seas of Iron: Rising Sun Kickstarter campaign. Rising Sun is an expansion to Seas of Iron but also a stand-alone if you don't have the main game.


From the campaign:

Battle Bunker Games has launched an Kickstarter for Seas of Iron expansion. Seas of Iron: Rising Sun brings aircraft carriers, air combat and new crew members to the mix along with a new event deck. The game is not only compatible with Seas of Iron it will function as a complete stand alone.

Battle Bunker Games has their Seas of Iron Kickstarter wound down to the final days. They've made more than 2x their original goal, so they've already unlocked some more stuff for the game, but there's always more to go.

From the campaign:

Seas of Iron the Naval combat card game is in its final days on Kickstarter and just passed its 6k Stretch Goal.

Battle Bunker Games has made it over their $4k stretch goal and as such have added Anchor Dice to their Seas of Iron game.

From the update:

Seas of Iron has reached its 4k stretch goal and will include custom d6 anchor dice with the game.

Battle Bunker Games previews the artwork for the Graf Spee that's been added to their Kickstarter campaign for Seas of Iron.

From the update:

German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee added.

Battle Bunker Games is showing off the two ship cards for the Richelieu for their Seas of Iron game up on Kickstarter.

From the update:

The pristine and battle damaged Richelieu.

Battle Bunker Games has a Kickstarter campaign underway to fund Seas of Iron, their new naval combat game.

From the campaign:

Seas of Iron is a Battleship combat game for 2-4 players. Set during the height of the Battleships reign around the time of World War Two and early 20th Century.

The game is quick to learn and simple to play. Players attempt to combat and eliminate each others ships to be the undisputed king of the seas. The rules can easily adapt to play as a team or with fleets of ships.

Battle Bunker Games is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund their first sci-fi minis wargame: War Echoes.

From the campaign:

Battle Bunker Games has officially launched a Kick Starter project for our newest 32mm miniature game. War Echoes is a science fiction based squad level combat skirmish game.

Battle Bunker Games have released a range of 25mm Zombie miniatures for use with their Please Stand By Zombie rules as well as other horror games. Zombies From their announcement:
Two Zombies in each blister pack. Choose from three different head choices for a variety of looks. Can be easily reposed for wide variation. Great for standard apocalyptic battles or fantasy football teams. $12.00 MSRP.

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