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Basicks is having themselves a Black Friday sale.SourceFrom the sales sheet:Code: black2013valid on friday whole dayShop now
Basicks has flagstone bases available in 40mm and 50mm rounds for your basing pleasure.SourceFrom the release:New additions to Basicks Flagstone line. WRound 40mm and 50mm B are available.
Basicks adds to their Ancient WRound base line with both 40mm and 50mm options.From the release:New additions to Basicks Ancient line. WRound 40mm and 50mm are available.
Basicks helps you personalize your models with their new Flagstone bases.From the release:New line of bases - Flagstone
Miniwojnas posted up another review article online. This one's a pair of minis from Basicks.From the review:Another review of Basicks' products, with detailed information about quality of the sculpt a
Basicks has some brand new Alien Boneyard bases available over in their webshop. Uniquify your models!From the release:New bases from Basicks.
Graven Games has a review article posted up talking about some of Basicks' Battlefield Terrain.From the article:Welcome to today’s review in which we are looking at a wide selection of resin battlefie
Miniwojna put up another of their review articles. This one's for Basicks' Infested and Jungle bases.From the article:Detailed review of Basicks' bases from "Infested" and "Jungle" lines. Lots of phot
Miniwojna posted up another review article. This one's for some of the more specialty bases available from Basicks.From the review:Review of two Basicks' special bases, designed more with collectors i
Miniwojna gives us their thoughts on the Ancient line of bases from Basicks.From the review:Review of Basicks "Ancient" bases range of products. Lots of photos
Basicks has some new alien skulls available over in their webshop.From the release:New release.They truly are a company of few words.
Miniwoja takes a look at the Small Missile Silo from Basicks.From the review:Review of Basicks set of three small missile silos. Great looking cheap resin models.
Miniwojna grabs some of the trench terrain sets available from Basicks and lets you know what they think about them.From the review:Review of Basicks' resin terrain accessories "Infantry Trenches" and
Miniwojna has posted up a review of the Graveyard base set from Basicks. Are they the right bases for your army?Note: You'll need to translate the article.From the review:Detailed review of Basicks' "
Basicks gives you more basing options by expanding their Boneyard Bases with several new sizes.From the update:Another additions to line:25x50mm, 50x100mm and 40x40mm
Basicks gives you some more options for basing your models with their new Boneyard line of bases.From the announcement:New base line.After years, quite a few bones were laying around. Would you dare t
Basicks expands their Desert bases line with new rectangular sizes.From the update:With sand straight from the Egypt here come our new Desert Bases. They are continuation of our old line. Available in
Basicks gives you terrain-builders some more options with their new Fantasy Terrain Windows set.From the website:Contain three unpainted windows.Windows are double-sided.6.4 x 2.4 x 0.5cm
Basicks has both some new terrain and some new bases available. They've got some new barrel barricades as well as spooky bases.From the release:Barrel Baricades and Spooky Bases Ellipse 120mm are now
Basicks has a trio of new releases with ammo boxes, atomic barrels and skulls.From the releases:If zombies weren't scary enought then why not skeletons? Six heads of bone warriors are waiting for you.
Basicks brings some bling to your gaming table with their new treasure boxes.From the release:You want some booty, we have some booty! Freshly released treasure boxes have more gold than you will ever
Basicks gives you the option to make your zombies more unique with their new zombie heads.From the release:They are not quite alive but they can put some life into your undead warriors. We have releas
Basicks has some new bases to help make your models look their best. They're 40x40 square Mystic.From the release:Mystic 40x40mm bases are now available. You can get them as 2 random bases or as a set
Basicks gives you some trenches for your little mans to hide in during games. Protect yourself from the enemy!From the release:We have released new line of trenches. Infantry Trenches and MG Trench ar
Basicks has released a new terrain piece, the Fantasy Window, to help with your terrain-making needs.From the release:We have added new product to Battlefield Resin Terrain line. Fantasy Terrain Windo