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Just because the bars are closing down for the night doesn't mean the party has to end. Things are just getting started. That's where you find yourself in Barpig: After Hours, a new standalone expansion to the RPG card party game. New characters. New equipment. Play it on its own or add it to your previous set. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

If you have something you really believe in, you won't let some small setback totally derail it. Take, for example, a Kickstarter campaign. There's many things that can cause one not to go as intended. But it certainly doesn't mean you shouldn't try again. And that's just what's happening for BaRPiG, the adventure party game. The original campaign didn't go so hot, but after some reconfiguring, retooling, and now a relaunch, they're off to a great restart.
Considering I have an Ozzy-themed playlist going on Pandora, I wanted to start this post with a parody of War Pigs. But I'm just not lyrically creative. BaRPiG is a new adventure party card game that's up on Kickstarter. It's billed as a combination of wild party card games and adventure RPG card games... with pigs thrown in. That's at least worth a read about how it all works.