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Barking Irons Online

Barking Irons has posted up a new scenario for Flintloque on their website. Everyone loves new scenarios.From the article:Heya Folks,Alternative Armies' recently released Centaurs of the Duchy of Colt
Barking Irons is showing off some new Starport Citizens minis that are available from the release:It's been a busy two weeks here at First we had the lauch of our sister br is having a sale on their 15mm Zombie Dawn minis that they just got back in stock.From the announcement:To celebrate the return of USEME Zombie Dawn to our shelf of publications we have a s has some new 15mm models available over in their webshop. These are hooded Executioners.From the release:Fans of the mighty HOT 15mm Fantasy Range we know you have not had the goodness that has launched a new line of minis they've called Grinning Skull Miniatures.From Barking Irons:We have been a bit quieter than usual here at for the last few weeks. You might ask w
Barking Irons put up a new article featuring the new Slaughterloo and Flintloque units, the Burrovian Guard.From the update:We have brand new Flintloque and Slaugtherloo releases this week in the form has a bunch of new blister pack bundle-group-things available over in their webshop.From the have just released a huge expansion to their blister packs of their SHM expands their sci-fi range with a new set of Vergans over on their website.From the announcement:The Vergans, one of's alien raves created by Eli Arndt, have been expanded from t and Alternative Armies are holding sales for the month in honor of the Salute Games Show.From the sales sheet on Barking Irons:Heya Folks!Alternative Armies and are once again ru
Barking Irons brings you the Wyndorc's 3rd Korsucan Rangers, a new unit for Flintloque and Slaughterloo.From the release:Heya Folks!In the first of a new series of wargame articles we look at a custom
Barking Irons has posted up more for Flintloque. This one's all Monkey Business.From the update:Barking Irons have just uploaded the latest Foul Mouth Freddy short story and gaming scenario for Flintl
Barking Irons has posted up the latest Errata document for Age of Might & Steel. Be sure you're playing the game correctly!From the announcement:Heya Folks!Today Barking Irons brings you an official e
Barking Irons has a new optional unit for Slaughterloo up on their website: the Albion Base Camp.From the website:Heya Folks,Continuing it's support of the newly released rulebook, today Barking Irons gives you three new alien options via three new model releases.From the announcement:Heya Folks, have gone and added three new miniatures to expand your collection.SHM51 Jelly Cub
Barking Irons has more Use Me content up online. This is for Interwar Tanks, including both rules and counters.From the article:Heya Folks,Today sees the release of the third and last article in the s
Barking Irons expands on their Slaughterloo content right away with their new Battle of Murda scenario.From the announcement:Heya Folks,Continuing it's support of the newly released rulebook Barking I
Slaughterloo has a Redux version up from Alternative Armies and you can find it on Barking Irons.From the announcement:Alternative Armies' has re-released Slaughterloo in a fantastic new 'perfect boun
Barking Irons has yet another USE ME update available. This one's for Interwar aircraft.From the announcement:Heya Folks,Yesterday saw the release of the first article in a series by Alistair McBeath
Barking Irons has posted up their Trolls of Valon excerpt on their website.From the announcement:Heya Folks!Today on Barking Irons you can find an excerpt from The Trolls of Valon, the official bookle
Barking Irons has posted up some optional rules for the Use Me gaming system. Add some variety to your game.From the update:Heya Folks,The sensational USE ME wargames series by is a complet
Barking Irons is holding true to their word of more articles. This latest one is for Age of Might and Steel.From the update:Heya Folks,Today Barking Irons brings you full background and stats for usin
Barking Irons has posted up a pair of new articles as well as some new aliens over on their website.From the update:Heya Folks,As I'm sure the eagle eyed among you have already noticed, Barking Irons
Alternative Armies is running a sale on their Firefight game line. Go get yourself some rules and models for cheaper than usual.From the sales sheet:We are offering ten percent off the Firefight 2.0 u
Barking Irons continues their Terminus campaign for the USE ME gaming system.From the update:Gavin Syme, author of the 15mm USEME Science-Fiction ruleset (and a plethora of other titles in the series) is now selling single figures of their various Sci-Fi lines. Want just several of a particular guy? You can do that now!From the announcement:This week has taken a step that lite