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Bargain Quest

Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants! While all you are focused on land lubbers, there's plenty of sea-faring adventurers who need a place to spend their booty. And that's just the type of shop you'll
The high seas are simply chocked full of adventure. And there's adventuring parties coming through town all the time, looking for gear and supplies before they set sail. As the shopkeepers in the town
A pair of new games are available from Renegade Game Studios today. Time Chasers is a trick-taking game where you can actually go back and change cards you played in a previous trick. That should shak
Renegade Game Studios isn't just working on one new expansion for Bargain Quest. They're working on two. Chaotic Goods looks to bring you 13 new heroes and 9 new employees. Meanwhile, Solo Mode... wel
You can't always buy everything you want out in the various market stalls on the streets of the city. Sometimes, you need something that only the Black Market and supply, and that's just where you're