Darklands and Banelegions September Releases Posted

Technically speaking, these are the August/September releases for Darklands: First Edition, Darklands: First Edition II, and BaneBeasts: Mighty Monsters. Sometimes things get delayed and end up late, so Mierce Miniatures decided to group the two month's releases together. Occasionally you get behind on things and you play a bit of catch-up. It happens to pretty much every company at some point.

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BaneLegions, new releases + early releases!

BaneLegions has some new releases along with some early releases to show off (of which we can show 3. The 4th was a bit risque for a family-friendly website such as ours tries to be).

From the update:

First Monday of the month (well it's Tuesday, sorry!) = BaneLords day and a little suprise, we're releasing Blunt-Claw and Aanchuth a month early alongside our regular releases. So they're up for pre-order now!

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Maelstrom releases 2 new BaneLords

Maelstrom Games have released 2 new BaneLord models.

From their announcement:

It’s BaneLords day today, and what better way to start such a day than with a blood-sucking nightmare? Viktor cel Rau, a nasty implement of vampirism and no mistake, is brought to you by the greatly talented hands of Stefan Kopinski and Rémy Tremblay, fine fellows indeed. Enjoy!

The second of our BaneLords to be unveiled on this, the first Monday of October, is a mighty beast-man that encompasses all the foulness a Gabrax could be and more. Amazingly realised by the superb Stefan Kopinski and the brilliant Benoît Cosse, Daachuch really does look like a mean mother funster that’s not only been there, done that and sent some postcards, he’s probably written the rulebook about how to do so and then gone on to sell a bazillion copies of said rulebook. Those tusks? He’s probably ripped them off what grew those, while it was still alive, and then made the banner out of its face. If Ross Kemp were a Gabrax, he’d be the one everybody picks on in Daachuch’s gang, etc. etc.

Look, he’s well hard, all right?

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Maelstrom Games preview two new BaneLords

Maelstrom Games have posted previews of two new additions to their BaneLords fantasy range.

From their announcement:
We were going to release four BaneLords in October, but what we didn’t realise is that practically all of France (and consequently her sculptors, it seems – or at least, the ones that we contract) is on holiday. Thus, work has proved a little slow and if we had released all four this month, we’d have none for you in November. Ahh, the logistical problems inherent in producing miniatures…

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Maelstrom preview two new BaneLords

Maelstrom Games have posted previews of two new figures from their Banelords fantasy miniature range.

From their announcement:
This month we're releasing 2 BaneLords. Twice the awesomesauce! The first of the 2 sees our regular BaneBeast sculptor Allan Carrasco turn his hands to our BaneLords range with the Troll Jarl and the second of the two sees our first release sculpted by none other than JAG himself.

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Alassar new BaneLord available for pre-order

Maelstrom Games are now accepting pre-orders for the Alassar BaneLord miniature. Alassar BaneLord From their announcement:
The tale of Alassar Ælfenden is a long and unfinished one. He has lived for a thousand years and will live for another thousand, so it is said, for his skill in battle is unmatched and his spirit will never yield. He has served his enclave since he was a youth, a mere stripling of an Ælf, and in that time he has fought the enemies of his people without fear or respite. So valiant is he that the Sun Kings themselves have paid homage to his tale, for to bear the Dragon Standard is the highest honour they could ever bestow. To be entrusted with such an ancient treasure, an artifact of the Ever Living Ones that has been borne through the history of the White Ælves from antiquity, is recognition of Alassar’s integrity and strength, his noble lineage and his implacable leadership, for all know none other could take to the field of battle with his surety and conviction.

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Maelstrom post painted Kaastaruk pictures

Maelstrom Games have posted photos of a painted sample of their Kaastaruk BaneLord miniature. painted Kaastaruk From their announcement:
Here at BaneLegions Towers we are quite often amazed by the artistry shown by the sculptors, painters and artists we use for our miniatures but it is true to say that when we saw Sébastien Picque’s work on our latest BaneLord – Kaastaruk, Skull-Bearer of the Tarvax – our jaws simply dropped, which meant we looked like dribbling fools for a time. Well, more so than usual, anyway. Regardless of our reaction, we believe you will be stunned by his amazing paintjob too, for no other reaction could do it justice. There are so many details that we could talk about – from the bloody maw to the glowing runes to the grubby standard – and every time we look at it, we find more. That’s a good indication of how good Benoît Cosse’s sculpt is, too, for Sébastien is only painting what is there. Following on from that, Benoît is only sculpting what Stefan Kopinski drew on the concept art. So backslaps all round, artisty people. Of course, the Baalor glyph on the standard looks (intentionally) exactly like a dirty great Tarvax has used his fat, stubby sausage fingers to daub it on. That’s exactly what happened, you see… Enough from us. Have a look at some miniature loveliness.

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Maelstrom preview Kaastaruk of the Tarvax

Maelstrom Games have posted a preview of a new BaneLord release - Kaastaruk of the Tarvax. Kaastaruk of the Tarvax From their announcement:
Kaastaruk is marked well in the tales of the Tarvax for he is a skull-bearer, a carrier of his Tain’s kill-trophy and always at the forefront of battle, roaring his hatred of the weakling scions of man as he slaughters them with broad strokes of his ax, a violent symbol of the power inherent in the black armour and white eye of Baalor. Like all Tarvax, Kaastaruk is a loathsome joining of bull and man with the worst qualities of both, a foul temperament and even fouler intent, a bellowing murderer with a rage none can match, and his presence amongst the armies of Baalor inspires such beasts to even greater fury, providing a powerful, savage edge in the further subjugation of the lands the Destroyer does not already rule. Kaastaruk and Baalor’s other abominations, his other degenerate hybrids that issue from Fomor and beast, his insults to Danu herself, are already all but unstoppable – and his work is not done yet.

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Maelstrom release painted pics of Euryalia Queen of Ker-Ys

Maelstrom Games have posted photos of a painted versions of the Euryalia Queen of Ker-Ys figure. Photos may be NSFW. From their announcement:
Phew! What a whirlwind the weekend of Salute 2011 was. We’re still recovering from it all to be honest, not least because of the travelling… but we’re probably still tired from all the beer we consumed. Regardless, the event itself was a day to remember as it was our first Salute show as a trader, and we were humbly astonished by the amount of people coming to see our beautiful miniatures, buying them, taking pictures of them and asking so many questions about them. We managed to have a good look around ourselves and, as ever, it’s a brilliant showcase for this incredible hobby of ours. We’ll be there next year. On the Sunday we motored on down to the South Coast GT in Portsmouth to again show off our miniatures, but this time to one of the largest tournaments on the calendar. Thanks must go to the Pompey boys for their hospitality. More thanks must of course go to the Salute 2011 team, all of our staff who worked so hard over the weekend, the superb Stefan Kopinski – who joined us on our stand at Salute to show off his amazing concept art and answer many questions from inquiring showgoers – and the simply immense (in every sense of the word) Ben Komets, who brought the lovely painted Euryalia with him from Germany. You can see the fruits of his labours below, and – to be frank – we think this is Ben’s best work for us yet.

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Erec One-Arm, Dwarf of Càrn Corm preview

Erec One-ArmMaelstrom Games have posted a preview of the Erec One-Arm, Dwarf of Càrn Corm figure that will be released a part of their Banelords fantasy miniature range. From their announcement:
We’re a day late with our Monday BaneLords update, for which we can only apologise, but the wait was worth it as we believe the last revelation of the initial six BaneLords that will be available at Salute 2011 is the best of the lot! Take a bow, Erec One-Arm, Dwarf of Càrn Corm – you are a cracking little miniature who is sure to grace many a tabletop or collection in the near future! Thanks must be given to our lovely concept artist Stefan Kopinski, as always, and the superb Mohamed Aït-Mehdi who has put sculpting tool to sculpting material to create his very first BaneLord. A veteran of many miniatures, Mohand (as he is known around the world) has worked on most of the Eden range for Taban Miniatures as well as much more for other companies. We hope to be utilising his skills again very soon, but for now enjoy his work on our Erec! Erec can be pre-ordered right now from the Maelstrom Games webstore, and you can of course grab him before his official release date of the 7th of May 2011 from our stand at Salute 2011. Which is less than two weeks away. Eeeek!

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Euryalia, Queen of Ker-Ys preview

Euryalia, Queen of Ker-YsMaelstrom Games have posted a preview of the Euryalia, Queen of Ker-Ys figure for the Banelords fantasy range. Possibly NSFW From their announcement:
Here we are again with another momentous day for the BaneBeasts – not one incredible monstrous miniature but two to reveal, all in one day. How amazing. The first of the two BaneBeasts released in May is something incredibly special because we’ve been dying to get her into the pubic – errrm, I mean public – eye, as it were, before now; but no, the vagaries of logistics and the Mansfield-Cromford continuum meant that we had to wait, and it has been quite a painful wait I can tell you. Not because we’re sitting uncomfortably, mind – it’s just that Euryalia has been a pleasure to work with from start to finish, right from our original concept through to Stefan Kopinski’s art and, in the end, to Allan Carrasco’s quite stunning sculpt; it really is as amazing in the resin as it is on screen, and we’ve waited too long to reveal her.

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Banelords Guillaume le Pèlerin, Vagrant Knight preview

Guillaume le PèlerinMaelstrom Games have posted a preview of the Guillaume le Pèlerin, Vagrant Knight figure from their Banelords fantasy range. From their announcement:
None know of Guillaume le Pèlerin’s origins but all realise that to ask the man himself would be a quick way to an early grave, for his wrath is legendary and his sword sharp. All he will ever say is that he is a pilgrim, a wanderer looking for his own kind of peace and to be left to his own path. It is others that name him a vagrant knight, a warrior with no allegiance to any lord or land, a wildsman of Frankia with an obviously martial past, but the Merovingian court know nothing of him and no templar will admit to being his brother-in-arms. So it is that Guillaume will descend upon the beast, the warrior and the demon alike without rhyme or reason, seemingly with no agenda or motive, but to the patricians and kingmakers Guillaume must be more than a wild card, cannot just be a simple chance occurrence that can change destinies, alter carefully-designed artifices with a single swipe of his sword; he must be a driven man, driven by another, one with designs of his own. This is why he is hated and feared, for he cannot be bought and he cannot be swayed, and all who try never return.

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Maelstrom preview BaneLord#4 - Ulric the Defiler, Autonomor

Ulric the DefilerMaelstrom Games have posted a preview of the Ulric the Defiler, Autonomor figure from their BaneLord fantasy range. From their announcement:
It’s Monday (again) and therefore time to reveal the next miniature available at Salute 2011, and it’s a belter. Again a miniature from the superb Stéphane Simon, Ulric the Defiler is ready to take the fight to your enemies with a nasty attitude and a very large ax, although we don’t think he’s compensating for anything… Ulric can be pre-ordered right now on the Maelstrom Games webstore, but you will be able to buy him at Salute 2011 from our stand before the actual release date of the 7th of May.

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