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2016 is the Year of New Editions (as far as I'm concerned), and that can even include first editions. For example, Mierce Miniatures has released their Darklands: First Edition rulebook. It's a 364 page book giving you all the information you need to play the game. You could read a page a day and be done in just shy of a year. They also have a bunch of miniatures they've released for both Darklands and BaneLegions.
Mierce Miniatures has a lot of Kickstarter projects they've done. It's always nice to see new products hitting websites for general release after they've made it to Kickstarter backers. That's just what we've got today with new BaneLegions and Darklands releases.
Technically speaking, these are the August/September releases for Darklands: First Edition, Darklands: First Edition II, and BaneBeasts: Mighty Monsters. Sometimes things get delayed and end up late, so Mierce Miniatures decided to group the two month's releases together. Occasionally you get behind on things and you play a bit of catch-up. It happens to pretty much every company at some point.
Maelstrom Games has another BaneLegions preview for you today. This time it's Chaagmuth the Jaw-Taker.

From the preview:

The second BaneLords release for September is simply chock-full of character and savagery – but what else can we expect from the sublime Benoît Cosse, who seems to go from strength to strength with each miniature he sculpts? Of course, Benoît could not have produced such an amazing sculpt without the stunning concept art by our old mate Stefan Kopinski who at present is working on some full-colour art for us. Intrigued? Stay tuned for a big announcement later on in August… for now, get a hold of this!

Maelstrom Games has started taking pre-orders for their latest BaneLegions model: Tundaar, Skull-bearer of Baalor.

From the website:

Stefan Kopinski, of course, should not go un-mentioned: it is he that conjured Tundaar’s character, who produced the evil sneer on Tundaar’s face and the amazing posture of a warrior that looks like he wouldn’t be very good company on a night out and would, like as not, spike your drink with something nasty for kicks.

Tundaar can be pre-ordered from the Maelstrom Games webstore right now, with his official release date – i.e., the day he’ll be physically available – being the 8th of September.

Frontline Gamer continues our theme of reviews this morning with their review of BaneLegion's Ulric the Defiler.

From them to you:

Frontline Gamer reviews one of BaneLegions older miniatures, Ulric the Defiler.

BaneLegions has a preview up for Gynroch ap Roch. I'm just happy that I actually get to post this picture to you guys in good conscience.

From the preview:

We have something very special for you for the August BaneBeasts release – a nightmarish miniature sculpted by one of the finest sculptors in the world today, Michaël Bigaud (or mikh, as he is known). Drawn up by the splendiferous Stefan Kopinski and to be painted by the bubblicious Ben Komets, Gynroch ap Roch is a simply amazing beast that defies description and the camera. Full of impossible angles and details that need to be seen to be believed, you really must get your hands on this foul creature!

Gynroch ap Roch is intended for the Brythons and the forces of Gwynedd, and as always with our miniatures that have a distinct Welsh bent, here’s a quick pronunciation guide. Gynroch ap Roch, Wocor of Powys should be pronounced Gun-roch (as in loch) ap Roch (as in loch), Wock-or of Pow-iss!

BaneLegions has a pair of new models available for pre-sale. We can't show you either of them, because they're naked women. Just sayin' in case you're at work and you're checking 'em out.

The first is Tecass, Sword-Melusine Gigh-Bearer and the other is Esyld, Sword-Melusine Shreiker.
BaneLegions didn't want to do it, but they've got a price hike on the way.

Well, my lovely lords and ladies, it had to happen at some point. The rising costs of manufacturing high-quality polyurethane resin miniatures have forced our hand, and although that’s not the only reason we must increase prices on some of our miniatures, it’s the most onerous one. Thus, I’m afraid we must pass these rising costs onto you, our valued customers, for which we do apologise. Necessary evils may well be necessary, but they’re also evil.

This price increase will occur next Friday, the 6th of July, and so you have a week to get hold of miniatures you were thinking about getting at the old prices, so get ordering!

On the upside, too, it is really only the BaneLords that are increasing in price and a couple of miniatures – notably Magágg and Talos – will actually reduce in price, thanks to re-moulding them more efficiently, so it’s not all bad; and you can still take advantage of Maelstrom Games‘ superb Summer Sale (16% off UK RRP) until Monday night, too!

Maelstrom Games has 2 new BaneLegions releases up. We can show you one. The other one you shouldn't look at unless you're in a secure location.

First, the safe one: Galhwch Lladd Llaw, Pendyndraig of Gwaelod. That one is pictured below.
The one that's a bit more risque is Kernsa, Sword-Melusine Mother. That's the one you've got to be careful with.

Maelstrom Games is holding a painting contest with quite a pretty hefty first prize. Details over on the WAMP forums.

Wamp is hosting its Bane-legions contest for the 2nd year running and its our biggest prize pool ever for our monthly specials.

We have over £2500 worth of prizes up for grabs, including over £1000 worth for the winner!

Full details can be found here via the link

Frontline Gamer has a review up of the Blood Maw... a model we just showed you the preview of a couple hours ago. There's no reason to not go check it out.

From the review:

Frontline Gamer has a world exclusive review of the latest BaneLegions miniature (only released today), the Blood Maw Vore. There's also the chance to win your very own version of this epic beastie.

BaneLegions has their latest model, the Blood Maw, up for pre-order over on their website. I'd hate to be this guy's dentist.

From the update:

Sometimes we produce a miniature that is so incredible there are no words to do it justice. Suffice to say, Blood-Maw – drawn by Christophe Madura and sculpted by Dan Cockersell, his third masterwork for us after The Terror of Fortriu and Krull – is one of those miniatures. Enjoy…

BaneLegions had a wonderful time at Salute and posted up a bit about their take on the show as well as a taste of what's to come.

From the website:

Phew! It’s taken us all quite a few days to recover from the whirlwind of a weekend that was Salute 2012, not least because we are still extremely busy with orders, but thankfully I’ve got a few spare moments to jot down my thoughts and thanks for the weekend.

Firstly, many thanks to everybody who came to our stand at Salute (whether you bought anything or not!) because everybody we met and spoke to had only good things to say about our miniatures – and to ourselves, thankfully. It seems people like finely-cast resin of superbly sculpted fantasy miniatures with very few flaws, if any! Who’d have thought it? Obviously you all absolutely adored the beautifully painted models in our cabinets, but something that proved equally popular was our unique stand of assembled miniatures that you could pick up and inspect minutely.

BaneLegions, we already know, is headed to Salute. What you may not have known is that they're going to be having a 20% off sale while there.

Salute 2012 is only a couple of days away and we’re feverishly preparing everything, but there is just time to update you all on some salient points.

Firstly, you read that title right – we’ll be offering all of our miniatures at 20% off RRP at Salute 2012, so you can get your hands on Krull, for example, for £79.99 and not £99.99. That means it’s well worth the trip!

Secondly, we will only accept cash at Salute 2012. The reasons for this are lost in the mists of forgetfulness, but there are plenty of cash points around the Excel Centre and thus you should not be disappointed should you really want to take advantage of our prices.

Thirdly, you will be able to get your hands on everything within the BaneLegions range, apart from those that are now no longer available (Fulroch-an-Roch, Angalaak, N’nhaak’chshir, Three-Face and Tygandr), while stocks last of course. If stocks run out at the event you can always order online from the Maelstrom Games webstore, of course!

Fourthly, we will be offering the following future releases – May’s, June’s and a couple of July’s – for sale over the weekend… at least, while stocks last, so you’d better head on over to us early if you want one of them.

BaneLegions is coming out to Salute and is going to be bringing some of their newer releases with them. Here's your chance to pick up some models before anyone else. Be the envy of all your friends!

Wowser! It doesn’t seem five minutes since the last event, if we’re honest, but here we all are again for the United Kingdom’s finest independent wargaming show, a show that seems to get better each year and of course goes by the name of… Salute! Run by the South London Warlords wargaming club and promising to be a full day of wargaming goodness and shenanigans, Salute 2012 should prove to be even better than the last one – at least for us, anyway, because our range has grown immensely in the twelve months since said last event and this year we’ll also have some superb sneak peeks of upcoming miniatures, some of which you’ll even be able to purloin ahead of schedule. How amazing is that!

So, as well as all of our existing range that is currently available – that’s nineteen BaneBeasts and twenty-six BaneLords, forty-five miniatures in all – you’ll also be able to buy May’s releases, Mjagnir, Muldo and Alianne, as well as be lured by the prospect of checking out some pre-production casts of Kadámastar, Ancient Devourer, Ygerna, Sword-Melusine and Svrill, Wielder of Khthon… in other words, June’s releases! We’re not promising anything, but you may also be able to get your hands on them before anybody else – as long as we’ve got all of our ducks in a row beforehand.

BaneLegions releases a pair of new models at sort of two ends of the spectrum. One's a maul-wielding giant. Another's a sword-wielding woman.

From the release:

Something big and something beautiful this time as the mahoosive Mjagnir and the lithe and deadly Alianne are up for pre-order.

Banelegions has another great mini for us, Muldo the Spike-Brute.

From the release:

Muldo's origins are lost to both himself and the Ysian fleshsmith that created him many years ago, but the agony of his transformation from human to brute can be seen readily amongst the growths and tumours upon his back and the fury he displays upon the battlefield. A living weapon, a vat-grown slab of muscle and anger and terrible ferocity, Muldo is a mighty force in war, able to shrug off the most grievous of wounds before slaughtering his enemies with the bone-spikes that protrude from his forearms in grotesque fashion. Too dangerous to even keep shackled or chained, Muldo is carried to war in a cage and fed scraps along the way, along with the other beasts and vermin the Ysians unleash upon their foes, and released as if some hound of battle: on occasion, if under-fed or over-provoked, he will attack the nearest flesh that he can smell, but even should that happen Muldo will always find his way to the enemy battle-line, to wreak ruination and havoc and to scatter those unfortunate enough to be in his path.

Frontline Gamer posts up an interview they did with Rob Lane of Banelegions.

Frontline Gamer interviews Rob Lane of BaneLegions about the miniature range and the upcoming wargame. He teases a bit more information out of Rob, and also has snared a few new concept sketches to show people. There may even be a free prize draw give away...

BaneLegions is now selling their model bits directly online. Customize your models the way you want!

From the update:

It’s taken us a little longer than we wanted to get everything ready, but we can now reveal that (almost) each and every component for all of our BaneLords miniatures will be able to be bought separately, from the Maelstrom Games webstore, from today – with the BaneBeasts Bits following next week!

So if you’ve been searching forever for that particular weapon for a conversion, need a crocodilian body to start a crazy miniature of your own, want a different standard for your command group or even just fancy Kraan’s bear without Kraan – well, now you can get those components and much more besides. On this website you can now see all the various components for our BaneLords on each miniature’s page – see below, too – but on the Maelstrom Games webstore you can get your hands on each and every component (well, there’s a few components that simply don’t make sense to offer individually) organised into body parts and weapon parts and accoutrements and so forth, just to make it easier for you to pick out what you need.

BaneLegions has another stunning model for you to drool over. I find it helpful to have those keyboard-cover things they generally have like at the library and stuff.

From the preview:

April’s BaneLegions releases are now complete with the unveiling of Uggurd (rhymes with buggered), a Falx-Brute with a very long weapon indeed! (Falx in this case being short for Falcatta) Uggurd has been drawn up by the simply awesome Danny Cruz – you should expect a lot more from him over the next few years – and is the penultimate sculpt we had from Aragorn Marks before he joined Games Workshop last summer. His last sculpt will be unveiled next month, but for now, enjoy!

BaneLegions new Megalavra is stunning. And just when you didn't think they could top themselves, they do with Shaaroc.

I told you so.
BaneLegions has an absolutely stunning model for us today, the Typhaggahw dragon. I mean... whoah...


April is going to be a very special month for us, as not only are we attending Salute 2012 down in London, we’re also releasing two incredible BaneBeasts – Typhaggahw, Gwyfern of Ceredigion and Shaaroc, Reviled Draackox! It’s Typhaggahw we turn our attention to first, a little earlier than usual but that’s simply because we couldn’t wait to unveil him a moment longer.

Frontline Gamer takes a look at Banelegions miniatures and wow... they are breathtaking figs.

But don't take my word for it:

Frontline Gamer has a look at the Banelegions range of miniatures and reviews the range in general. Then goes on to talk about some of the ranges there potential uses to gamers.
Maelstrom Games preview more BaneLegion concepts:

From their announcement:

Wow! The response to our post from last week has been very interesting, to say the least. It seems there are many people out there who are loving what we’re doing and can’t wait for it to happen, which is great from our perspective – it means that BaneLegions is really striking a chord in wargaming land.

There have been some great responses in the various forums on the internet, but one in particular on Dakka Dakka has prompted a response from us about our setting. Zedmeister (who surely deserves some sort of prize, we think) researched the names of the various races and factions that we unveiled last week and was pretty close to what they actually are in our game setting; so much so, we simply had to go into more detail.

Obviously, not everybody will have seen our response, so we thought we’d expand upon it here and even include a couple or three more concepts for you to get your teeth into…