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Maelstrom Games posted some previews of their upcoming BaneBeasts over on their BaneLegions page. Here's what they've got coming out next month.From the preview:Thanks to staff members going on holida
Maelstrom Games have previewed their newest BaneBeast.From their announcement:November’s BaneBeast is one that we think will get more than a few puzzled looks and more than a few scratched heads. Much
Maelstrom Games have posted a preview of their new BaneBeast release, Conjunct XIII. From their announcement: The madness that lies within the minds of the Ysians, and in particular their physician
Maelstrom Games have previewed the next addition to their Banebeasts fantasy range - Ophius, the Gorgon Lord. From their announcement: We’ve been extremely lucky so far, in producing our very own m
Maelstrom Games have posted a preview of the latest figure in their BaneBeast range - Flint-Fang. From their announcement: The meat-melders of the Under-Vermin, chained to their flesh-slabs and the
Maelstrom Games are now accepting pre-orders for the Banebeast Ulmons, Tarask of Var. From their announcement: After the frenetic activity in April, the month of May has been somewhat serene… at le
Maelstrom Games have posted photos of a painted sample of their Kermorannac BaneBeast miniature. From their announcement: A couple of weeks ago we previewed the first castings of our awesome new Kerm
Maelstrom Games is now accepting pre-orders for the BaneBeast Kemorannac figure. From their announcement: In the bleak lands of the Oghurithne where the mountains scrape the sky live many creatures o