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I hope you're making it through the week just fine.
Mine's hit a bit of a bumpy road, as I'm typing this from the mechanic's. Thankfully, they have free wifi. Seems Bitey, my car, isn't feeling so good and so he's getting a checkup.
So yeah, hopefully your week is going better than mine. But what's keeping me going is some gaming news, such as the bite-sized stories we've got for you now.

In this batch we have: New s-300 missile available for BallisticAces from BattleGateGames, Klukva Miniatures Releases Two New Busts, Purgatory's Second Model WIP Posted, Baueda new 15mm Gallic Cavalry On Indiegogo, PMD Games is launching their first Kickstarter on October 5th, Microshoggoth slimes into Tooth & Sword, and Draccus promo available for purchase from iello.

Been thinking about getting into BallisticAces, but not quite sure where to start? BattleGateGames has you covered with their new Ultimate Showdown box, now available over in their webshop.
"You're welcome."
... Anyway, if you want to get some tank-on-tank action going on, BattleGateGames has released BallisticAces, their new armored combat game.