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Baker Company

Baker Company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Russian Trucks of WWII. They're more than 2x funded already.SourceFrom the campaign:Following from the successful Winter War campaign (for 28m
Baker Company is in their final couple days for their Winter War Kickstarter campaign. They've made more than 12x their starting goal, so you know there's plenty of extras and goodies available to che
Baker Company is almost... umm... finished with the... Finnish rifle squads... and wanted to show them off.SourceFrom the update:Below you can see 1 version of a complete rifle and an LMG squad for th
Baker Company updated their Kickstarter page for their Winter War Campaign project. They've made it rather far past their goal and hope to go even further with new terrain add-ons from 4Ground.SourceF
Baker Company is running a Kickstarter project in order to fund their Russo-Finnish Winter War line of 28mm figures.SourceFrom the campaign:The range includes Finnish Soldiers in snow camouflage and a
Baker Company has posted up their August releases on their website including new ANZACs and a Victorian NW Frontier line.From the releases:Added to our web-store is a new range within our Victorian Wa