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Baker Company

Baker Company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Russian Trucks of WWII. They're more than 2x funded already.


From the campaign:

Following from the successful Winter War campaign (for 28mm Finnish and Russian wargaming miniatures and vehicles) last October we decided to follow up with more options of the very popular GAZ AAA trucks. The designer of the truck, Andy Cummings, rendered a 3D sculpt of the refueling truck and I thought it would be a good idea to fund the production of the truck on Kickstarter. Backers of the Winter War campaign were asked what they thought and there was an immediate positive response.

Baker Company is in their final couple days for their Winter War Kickstarter campaign. They've made more than 12x their starting goal, so you know there's plenty of extras and goodies available to check out.


From the campaign:

We have a new Baker Company website complete with forum and shop pages! Please excuse the next day or so as we try to iron out any kinks and I will be adding some forum sections as soon as I can do.

The Winter War section in the shop are pre-order only, and although you could purchase from there instead of Kickstarter, you won't unlock any more stretch goals! Photos of each miniature will be added as they are completed. A full release schedule will be added when I've worked it out - all you lovely backers will be getting everything first, so it may take a little bit of time to get stock together!

Pictures for the other ranges will be added asap and the Zulu range will be added back on to the shop once everything else is done.

Thanks again for all your support!

Baker Company is almost... umm... finished with the... Finnish rifle squads... and wanted to show them off.


From the update:

Below you can see 1 version of a complete rifle and an LMG squad for the Finnish army. With 3 available NCOs (running, standing and kneeling), 3 different packs of riflemen (running, standing and kneeling/prone) and 4 different LMG teams (running, standing, prone and kneeling), the variety of your squads will be wide enough for a good mix on the table top. The Red army have the same mix. When we send out your rewards we will ensure each of your squads in a platoon is composed differently - how you ultimately decide to squad them is up to you.

Thanks as always for all your support so far and lets see how far this will go!

Baker Company updated their Kickstarter page for their Winter War Campaign project. They've made it rather far past their goal and hope to go even further with new terrain add-ons from 4Ground.


From the update:

To celebrate our mid point, we have linked up with 4Ground, the fantastic producers of finely made laser cut terrain perfect for every 28mm wargaming table!

We have set up two new pledge levels which include 4Ground and Baker Company resin terrain

Baker Company is running a Kickstarter project in order to fund their Russo-Finnish Winter War line of 28mm figures.


From the campaign:

The range includes Finnish Soldiers in snow camouflage and also early Red Army soldiers which are not currently available from other miniature companies. Eventually the range will be available as blister packs of 4 miniatures for each type of soldier (running rifleman etc). However, for Kickstarter, each pledge level includes a fighting unit which includes Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs), sub machine guns (SMGs), light machine guns (LMGs) and riflemen as you will need them in most miniature wargames.

Baker Company has posted up their August releases on their website including new ANZACs and a Victorian NW Frontier line.

From the releases:

Added to our web-store is a new range within our Victorian Wars category: The Afghan Northwest Frontier of the 1890s. It currently contains British Infantry with command and Afghan Tribesmen.

These 28mm white metal miniatures are from our friends at Studio Miniatures.

Available now are the first three ANZAC packs for the Vietnam range!

As you will see, there are currently the command and support weapon pack, ANZAC Rifles (encompassing running and firing poses all armed with SLR) and the SASR pack full of different weapons and special forces goodness!

Coming soon will be ANZAC Scouts and a patrolling section. We will then also offer a platoon pack special deal to work with the Ambush Alley Vietnam game. These extra packs are available now as pre-orders and will be completed by the end of August. Any order that contains a pre-order will be refunded the postage, worldwide!


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