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Bailey Records

Bailey Records is turning 18. *snifflesniffle* They grow up so fast!But while it might be their birthday, it's you who is getting the presents. They're having a huge sale over in their webshop now.Fro
The week rolls on. To think we've already made it to Wednesday. We deserve something nice. Like... a batch of bite-sized stories served up all in one place for your convenience. Yeah, that sounds good
Bailey Records has released the rulebook for their Kaiju Kaos miniatures skirmish game. You can get it in pdf or softcover (or both, if you want).SourceFrom the release:Welcome to 2015The modern world
Bailey Records has set 3 of their BMOG stat cards now available in .pdf.SourceFrom the release:This deck contains Stat Cards for the following characters: Bearium - Suport Specialist, Beng-Arii Syn
Bailey Records now lets you use your BMOG toys in Kaiju Kaos with the release of these new stat cards.SourceFrom the release:This deck contains Stat Cards for the following characters: Mant-Axe - S
Bailey Records has released their Kaiju Kaos Smackdown Stat Cards Set 1 for your downloading and playing pleasure.SourceFrom the release:Hello. I'm pleased to announce the next Kaiju Kaos release from
Bailey Records will release some custom, limited edition, painted versions of various Kaiju Kaos minis over in their webshop this evening.SourceFrom the announcement:On Sunday, January 12th at 9pm Eas
Bailey Records will be running their Zombie Week promotion for Kaiju Kaos over in their webshop starting tonight.SourceFrom the announcement:On Sunday, December 15 at 9:00pm Eastern, we'll be opening
Bailey Records has some special custom-painted Kaiju Kaos minis available over in their webshop for a very limited time.SourceFrom the announcement:Last night, I launched "Elder Things Week" which fea
Bailey Records along with ManOrMonster? Studios have announced a new miniatures wargame entitled Warlords of Wor.SourceFrom the announcement:Bailey Records and ManOrMonster? Studios are pleased to ann
Bailey Records now has their Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown rulebook available for your download and reading and gaming pleasure.From the release:Finally, a published rulebook for use with your OMFG, Crite, Tr
Bailey Records has some new, exclusive colors of Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown figures available in their webshop.From the announcement:Bailey Records today announces the release of new limited edition, varia
Bailey Records has just released their new Optithulhu minifig for Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown over in their webstore.From the announcement:Since it’s conception, I’ve dreamed big with KAIJU KAOS and have wa
Bailey Records brought you some new Kaiju Kaos models. Now they've got some Smackdown stat sheets available for Series 1, Set 1.From the announcement:This PDF features 6 new stat sheets for use with t
Bailey Records released some new limited edition Kaiju Kaos models. Go check 'em out.From the release:Bailey Records today announces the upcoming release of KAIJU KAOS: SMACKDOWN and our first set of
Bailey Records is having an anniversary sale over on Wargame Vault. Check it out.They've been around for 13 and we hope it's many more to come.
Bailey Records put up a free Kaiju Kaos stat sheet over on Wargame Vault for Yuudoku.From the release:Since its conception, Kaiju Kaos was intended to be played with monster (kaiju) toys on the market
Bailey Records has some new token sets available for Kaiju Kaos. Available now on Wargame Vault.From the website:Kaiju Kaos – Game Aids, Vol. 01Featuring printable Burst Weapon Templates & Gaming Toke
Bailey Records has reduced the prices of all their physical CDs to help clear inventory stock levels:From their post:This sale includes officially licensed gaming soundtracks for Pulp City, Rezolution
Bailey Records Posts a Kaiju Kaos Monster Diorama:From their announcement:Kaiju Kaos is a new 28mm miniature game by Bryan K. Borgman of Bailey Records. A number of smaller pewter and larger resin mon
Bailey Records announce a new monster for their Kaiju Kaos! game:From their announcement:Bailey Records is pleased to announce the release of our latest multi-part resin kit… the Coblin. Based on a ch
Bailey Records have released the Kaiju Kaos – Zombies expansion for their Kaiju Kaos rules as well as the AnCon Annie zombie figure. From their announcement: Name: AnCon Annie, Zombie Master Price: $
Bailey Records have released the Son of Gourdzilla figure for use with their Kaiju Kaos rules. The stat sheet for the model is available as a free download from Wargame Vault. From their announcement
Bailey Records have released a new track in their Kaiju Kaos soundtrack. From their announcement: Scarecrows vs. Werewolves is the ninth release from Kaiju Kaos – The Soundtrack, Vol. 1 (Bailey Reco
Bailey Records have released the Clash of the Colossals supplement for their Kaiju Kaos rules. From their announcement: Bailey Records today announces the release of our first rules supplement and ne