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Bad Lands

It's another Sunday. Time for some more of the shorter, bite-sized stories that we've come across in the past couple days.

Also, yesterday during D&D, our party almost blew up the world (or at least an entire tropical island). Good times.

Anyway, for today we have: New Bad Lands Hero Previews and now EU Friendly shipping, DungeoNext terrain preview, new Fantasy releases from Scotia Grendel, Dark Sword Miniatures' Stephanie Law Masterworks Miniature range now available, Trolka in resin releasing this month for Flintloque, New Sherman Tank Accessories from Warchimera, Lead Adventure Miniatures releases Steam-Punk Ladies and Robots, Planetary Militia preview at The Ion Age, new Leather Pouch added to Alternative Civil War Kickstarter, Brigade Models Release 2mm ACW Forts, and Capitan Miniatures re-launching the former Warmodelling Catalog.

Gangfight Games heads out West in their new board game, Bad Lands: Curse of the Skinwalker. You and the other players must work together to save Blackwater Gulch from a group of were-monsters (I'm guessing someone drank the black water. That stuff can't be healthy). Just grab one of the pre-made characters, or you can even design your own.
All your friends snowed in (like they are in Chicago right now)? There's solo-play rules as well.
The campaign runs until March 3rd.


From the campaign:
Gangfight Games has previews to show off for their upcoming Bad Lands board game. You can check out some sweet Skinwalker art (some done by Heath "BA" Foley. One I liked so much, I had it permanently added to my arm), a look at the Loot cards, as well as download the preview rulebook.


From them to you:
Gangfight Games has posted their Games Gazette #1 up online for your reading pleasure. In this inaugural issue, they talk about how happy they are to have Mechadrome already shipped to backers (a month ahead of schedule) and how all the models are now available over in their webshop. Along with that, they give us a look into Bad Lands, their cooperative board game set in the Blackwater Gulch universe. The game is a survival horror type, where you and your fellow players must make it past werewolves and chupacabras and other such fun beasties. They've got a preliminary website up for it that you can check out as well.


From the post: