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Bad Dice

Bad Dice has posted episode 102 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.In this episode:In episode 102 we have a guest on the show, Chris Taylor joins us to talk about the Throne of Sku
Bad Dice Podcast now has episode 89 available for your listening pleasure. In this episode:In this episode Ben and Mark have done a ton of hobby but its Gareth that has done all the gaming! We catch u
Bad Dice has episode 81 available on their website. Go have a listen. In this episode:Bad Dice Podcast episode 81 has just been released. We review the Lore of Shadow, looking at all the spells and ho
Bad Dice Podcast now has episode 80 up for you to listen to. In this episode:Bad Dice episode 80 has been released. We review the UK's premier Warhammer tournament The South Coast GT.
Bad Dice post episode #73 with a review of Ogre Kingdoms:From their post:Bad Dice Ep73 our Ogre Kingdoms army review is up. We have Joel Henry on the show. Long time Ogre player, he gives us his thoug