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Azure Horizon Games

The gods are restless. And four more are about to join the fray. Azure Horizon Games has announced a new expansion for Kleos. It will be stand-alone, but also entirely compatible with the original gam
Azure Horizon Games had a successful Kickstarter for their Kleos board game where the gods compete against one-another. If you missed the campaign but still wanted to get the game as soon as it's avai
"Ray, if anyone ever asks if you're a god, you say YES!" Well, in Kleos, it won't be a lie if you say that you're a god, since that's what you'll be. You'll take on the role of one of the Greek gods w
July is almost here. It'll arrive before we know it. And with it will come all sorts of new games. One of them that's headed to Kickstarter that month is Kleos where players will participate as the di