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Ax Faction

We're once again between the weekends. With any luck, the week is treating you right. Anyone got some mid-week gaming planned? League nights at the shop? Some after-work RPG sessions? Bueller? Bueller
Ax Faction released their new Druid's Daughter - Gnoll Hunter on Giant Hare mini over in their webshop.Warning: embedded audio on their site.SourceFrom the website:Exquisite, highly-detailed 32mm scal
Ax Faction has released their latest mounted mini. This one's their Northfjorder, the bear rider.Note: If you go looking around their photos, not all are safe for work, and their homepage has embedded
Ax Faction has their latest release, the Feral Lass, available over in their webshop.Note 1: The model's a topless female.Note 2: If you go to the Ax Faction website, there's imbedded audio. The links
Ax Faction posted up the preview artwork for another model they're coming out with soon. This one's the Norsewoman Dominator - Ogre hunter.From the preview:Ax Faction mounted concept #6! Norsewoman Do
Ax Faction continues their artwork previews of the new line of mounted miniatures they're working on with a look at the Grizzled Veteran.From the preview:'You can smell 'em out, see. Mangy stinkin' fu
Ax Faction posted up some more concept art for a new cavalry model they're working on. This one's riding a unicorn (not a bunny, like their last one).From the preview:All around (lawful) good girl! Ax
Ax Faction has some new preview art for one of the next minis they're working on, the Druid's Daughter.I kinda want to see what the bunny mount looks like in the final sculpt.From the preview:Ax Facti
Ax Faction has a preview up of the artwork for one of the next models they're working on, the Northfjorder.From the preview:-The Northfjorder; Following on after the Feral Lass!He will be available in
Ax Faction gives us a look at what they're working on with their new Zombie Hunter.From the preview:Scouting through storms that whip, hunting the decaying tide...Our first male Hunter: Live by the Ax
Ax Faction now has their latest release available: Forest Guardian.Note: *shudder* Imbedded audio on their website. You were warned.From the release:Ax Faction is delighted to announce the release of
Ax Faction now has their Giant Hunter available for sale.Note: The link sends you to their Facebook page because their regular page has imbedded audio in it... which my personal feeling is that imbedd
Ax Faction posted up the artwork for another new model they're working on, the Forest Guardian.From the preview:I just had to share this - very excited about this release! Let me introduce you to the
Ax Faction previews their latest model, the Giant Hunter.Small note: There's imbedded audio on their website. You've been warned.From the release:Hailing from the wild Rannoch Moors and their destruct
Ax Faction has released their 3rd model, the Troll Hunter. (small warning: imbedded audio on their website, but at least we can actually show you this model).From the release:Our third 32mm exquisite
Ax Faction gives us a look at their 3rd upcoming release, the Troll Hunter.From the preview:Our third miniature illustration - Jötnar's Bane: Troll Hunter - Coming Soon!
Frontline Gamer has a review up of one of the new Ax Faction models, the Gilded Saint Dragon Hunter.Note: While you can't really tell from the blister packaging picture below, the model is a bare-ches
Ax Faction is a new minis-making company out there. We'd show you all the pictures pictures, but there's some nudity. Also on the website there's embedded audio. So navigate at your own risk while at