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Ax Faction

We're once again between the weekends. With any luck, the week is treating you right. Anyone got some mid-week gaming planned? League nights at the shop? Some after-work RPG sessions? Bueller? Bueller?

Anyway, we've collected some bite-sized news stories and now present them to you.

In this batch we have: New Warband Monsters released at Pendraken, New Broom Binder House from Thomarillion, JoeK Minis sends Heracles on the Odyssey, Box Art Previewed for War of Wonders, New Minotaur from Ax Faction, Mini Idol of Cthulhu & First 75mm mini by Kabuki Models, Update #21 For Manorhouse Workshop Modular Underground Project, Agaricath: Drow City Map From Heroic Maps, New display bases from, Brigade Models Release new 6mm SF Buildings, and iToysoliders is ready to celebrate our 1000th Battle.

Ax Faction released their new Druid's Daughter - Gnoll Hunter on Giant Hare mini over in their webshop.
Warning: embedded audio on their site.


From the website:

Exquisite, highly-detailed 32mm scale resin miniature - the Giant Hare measures 65mm in length!

Supplied with Art work trading card & slotta base.

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Ax Faction has released their latest mounted mini. This one's their Northfjorder, the bear rider.
Note: If you go looking around their photos, not all are safe for work, and their homepage has embedded audio. The link takes you to their Facebook page.


From the release:

Well, it has taken a little longer than I hoped, but at last I can announce, he's here at last - the Northfjorder on rearing bear cometh!

...the second in our series 2 interchangeable Hunters and mounts! I'm really excited with this release and somehow with the imminent release of the Hobbit 2: The Desolation of Smaug, our mighty woodsman fits in rather well!
Ax Faction has their latest release, the Feral Lass, available over in their webshop.
Note 1: The model's a topless female.
Note 2: If you go to the Ax Faction website, there's imbedded audio. The links above head to their Facebook page.

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Ax Faction posted up the preview artwork for another model they're coming out with soon. This one's the Norsewoman Dominator - Ogre hunter.

From the preview:

Ax Faction mounted concept #6! Norsewoman Dominator - Ogre Hunter!

Ax Faction continues their artwork previews of the new line of mounted miniatures they're working on with a look at the Grizzled Veteran.

From the preview:

'You can smell 'em out, see. Mangy stinkin' fur, get in your barns, slaughter yer livestock - cruelty is a game to 'em, murder is fun. Best thing is to cull em, smash 'em between the eyes and string 'em up to warn the rest of their stinkin' kin to bugger off from yer land. Yeah, thats what I do, they only understand a strong arm, see, and I've been doin' this for a ton of seasons... a veteran ye could say.'

- Grizzled Vet - Bugbear Trapper and Siegebreaker.

So, here we have the fifth and final of the interchangeable rider and mount concepts! Hope you all like him!

I'll post up the sixth and last of series 2 mounted hunters - which is a standalone mini - next Thursday! Let's see who is most popular and get sculpted first, so please 'like' your favourite of the selection! Thanks!

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Ax Faction posted up some more concept art for a new cavalry model they're working on. This one's riding a unicorn (not a bunny, like their last one).

From the preview:

All around (lawful) good girl! Ax Faction presents the next in our Mounted Hunter series: Raised by Champions - Noble Falconer & Pursuer of Fiends! Our fourth interchangeable rider and mount concept. Hope you all like this noble lass! We wanted to include a more generic mount in the series, hence the horse or unicorn! The Northfjorder would look quite the part on the back of the horse and the Feral Lass or Druid's Daughter would look at home on the back of a unicorn. Hopefully the horse will also allow gamers to use them on the table-top as a champion type for a more conventional cavalry unit.

We have had a lot of requests for a lady in armour, paladin style - so here she is! She will also come with two falcons - one in flight and one perched. As mentioned before, we will produce them in order of popularity after the Northfjorder, so please do like and comment on your favourite one!

No 5 will be posted up next week...

Stay tuned to the Faction! Thanks everyone!

Ax Faction has some new preview art for one of the next minis they're working on, the Druid's Daughter.
I kinda want to see what the bunny mount looks like in the final sculpt.

From the preview:

Ax Faction presents The Druid's Daughter - Gnoll Hunter! The third of six new mounted hunters with interchangeable rider and mount!
I will release No 4 next week and at a rate of one per week upto the sixth, we will then produce them in order of popularity after The Northfjorder, so please do 'like' and comment away!

No 3 The Druid's Daughter and Giant Hare - Gnoll Hunters!

Follow the action - join the Faction!
Thanks all!

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Ax Faction has a preview up of the artwork for one of the next models they're working on, the Northfjorder.

From the preview:

-The Northfjorder; Following on after the Feral Lass!
He will be available individually or with the Feral Lass’ King Stag, and will also be interchangeable - just like the Feral Lass herself - on further mounts… coming soon from Ax Faction!

Ax Faction gives us a look at what they're working on with their new Zombie Hunter.

From the preview:

Scouting through storms that whip, hunting the decaying tide...
Our first male Hunter: Live by the Axe, Die by the Axe - Zombie Hunter! Will be available this Saturday 26th January, with a special Birthday promotion! Stay tuned to the Faction; this is going to be a great release!

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Ax Faction now has their latest release available: Forest Guardian.
Note: *shudder* Imbedded audio on their website. You were warned.

From the release:

Ax Faction is delighted to announce the release of The Forest Guardian & Broadfoot - Beast Hunters! This 32mm scale resin miniature is available to buy from and Stockists NOW! Broadfoot measures 52mm from claw to ear and as well as the mighty 2-handed axe, the Forest Guardian has two throwing axes strapped to her thigh!
We are thrilled with the detail and quality of this miniature and hope you all agree! Thank you TGN viewer's for your support!

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Ax Faction now has their Giant Hunter available for sale.
Note: The link sends you to their Facebook page because their regular page has imbedded audio in it... which my personal feeling is that imbedded audio on webpages is Satan, incarnate.

From the release:

Raen of Rannoch - Giant Hunter is NOW AVAILABLE TO BUY from the Ax Faction shop! She is stood within the Giant's footprint which is actually the 30mm base. She has discarded her helm in the snow and gripping her two-handed sword scans the horizon for the Giant! She would make an ideal miniature for a Fighter or Ranger type - hope you all like her!

Ax Faction posted up the artwork for another new model they're working on, the Forest Guardian.

From the preview:

I just had to share this - very excited about this release! Let me introduce you to the Forest Guardian & Broadfoot - Beast Hunters! Broadfoot is currently on the sculpting bench! Hope you all like this concept as much as I...

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Ax Faction previews their latest model, the Giant Hunter.
Small note: There's imbedded audio on their website. You've been warned.

From the release:

Hailing from the wild Rannoch Moors and their destruction her aim Frost, Fire, Ettin and Mountain… of them, by six-foot steel, she shall slay and maim.

Raen of Rannoch: GIANT HUNTER - Coming Soon!

Ax Faction has released their 3rd model, the Troll Hunter. (small warning: imbedded audio on their website, but at least we can actually show you this model).

From the release:

Our third 32mm exquisite resin miniature - Jötnar's Bane: Troll Hunter - Available to buy now from our website, including new packaging and supplied with Art card!

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Ax Faction gives us a look at their 3rd upcoming release, the Troll Hunter.

From the preview:

Our third miniature illustration - Jötnar's Bane: Troll Hunter - Coming Soon!

Frontline Gamer has a review up of one of the new Ax Faction models, the Gilded Saint Dragon Hunter.
Note: While you can't really tell from the blister packaging picture below, the model is a bare-chested woman and you'll see the artwork and a better look at the model in the article. So you're forewarned if you're looking at this at work or whatever.

From the review:

No third person for this one. I very nearly considered not posting this review, but I felt the issues it raised for me are worthy of airing... so here is my review. I'd be genuinely interested in what people think. Peace out!

Ax Faction is a new minis-making company out there. We'd show you all the pictures pictures, but there's some nudity. Also on the website there's embedded audio. So navigate at your own risk while at work or wherever. But check it out when you get a chance. They also have a Facebook Page, which I'd much more recommend visiting. But again, nudity. You avoid the audio, though.

From them to you:
Producing edgy and exquisite 32mm miniatures with brash styling and provocative design based on the semi-secret sect of Hunters from history - Ax Faction!

First Release - The Gilded Saint: Dragon Hunter.

Second Release - Victorian Darling: Kraken Hunter.