Awful Orphanage

The Awful Orphanage Adds Alyce to Their Lineup of Miniatures

One thing that sets Kickstarters apart from just buying a game regularly is the amount of exclusives and promos you can end up with. Some Kickstarters even throw in special extras if you join in early. That's what they're doing with The Awful Orphanage. Those that sign up within the first 24 hours will get an exclusive Alyce miniature as part of their pledge.

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Workhouse Games Posts New Awful Orphanage Teaser

The folks over at Workhouse Games have posted up a new preview of their upcoming board game, Awful Orphanage. In the game, players will take on the role of an orphan, trying to escape the nightmarish realm of Ms. Pendergast's Home for Wayward Children. You can get a good look at what you'll be expecting in this new video.

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