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Aventine Miniatures

Aventine Miniatures has several new sets of Cataphract Cavalry miniatures available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:Parthian Cataphracts are now available in our store. There are 12 diffe
Aventine Miniatures has several new Contarii units available now over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:Armoured lancers on unarmoured horses. Three packs of figures and a 12 figure unit deal ha
Aventine Miniatures released some new infantry over in their webstore. Go take a look.From the announcement:Adam has finished the EIR32 pack, he has used 3 new poses with mail and scale armours. Each
Aventine Miniatures release EIR Legionaries:From their announcement:Aventine have just produced the first of a large range covering the Early/Middle Imperial Roman period 160-190AD. The first packs in
Aventine Miniatures have released new sets of Legionaries. From their website:We have just added two packs of EIR 160-190 AD legionaries to our shop. This is a new range and we plan on something in th
Aventine Miniatures have released the first of several sets of 28mm Hoplites of Magna Graecia. From their website: We have just added the first two packs of our Hoplite range. These have been desig
Aventine Miniatures have released two packs of 28mm Macedonian Phalanx command figures. From their announcement: We have just added two command packs to the store. They have 2 musicians and 2 offic
Aventine Miniatures have released a set of 28mm Phalanx miniatures. From their announcement: The first packs of standing armoured pikemen have just been added to our on-line shop. Linothorax figure