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Aventine Miniatures

Aventine Miniatures has several new sets of Cataphract Cavalry miniatures available over in their webshop.


From the release:

Parthian Cataphracts are now available in our store. There are 12 different figures and 15 different cataphract horses. The range will be expanded to include light horse archers and another set of cataphracts more suitable for the Early Sassanid period. The figures are in packs of 3 priced at £9.50 for the troopers, £10.00 for the command and there is a 12 figure unit deal for £34.00. They are 28mm and cast in white metal. The photographs show the figures equipped with Northstar NS102 pikes cut down to approx 65mm, these are not supplied with the figures and have to be purchased separately.

Aventine Miniatures has several new Contarii units available now over in their webshop.


From the release:

Armoured lancers on unarmoured horses. Three packs of figures and a 12 figure unit deal have been added to the EIR range. This the third cavalry unit for the EIR range which will soon have some cataphracts as well. Some of the figures have been cast in two parts to allow greater variation and to ease casting. All except the musician have separate heads so more choice there. They are 28mm in white metal, £9.00 for the trooper packs and £9.50 for the command set and available from our online store now.

Aventine Miniatures released some new infantry over in their webstore. Go take a look.

From the announcement:

Adam has finished the EIR32 pack, he has used 3 new poses with mail and scale armours. Each pack of 4 figures has 3 different poses and two armour styles. They will come with the AVS19 Auxiliary oval scuta and the light spear.
There are actually 2 packs of EIR32 with very slight variations so if you order 2 packs you will get 8 slightly different figures.

There are now 10 sets of LBMS transfers for the Auxiliary section, each with 14 scutum and 2 buckler transfers, Steve added a vexillum transfer for good measure, they are priced at £4.00 per sheet.

The EIR32s go with the command pack EIR61 and will also be in a unit deal of 16 figures(4 command and 12 troopers) @£16.65.

This pack means we now have all the basic infantry ready for the range, Adam has several more packs of variations that he wants to add before some Auxiliary Archer units.

The cavalry will commence soon and once we have them out we will turn our attention to the 3rd Century BC ranges.

All metal in 28mm and £4.50 per pack of 4 for the main range with the commands usually £5.00

Aventine Miniatures release EIR Legionaries:

From their announcement:

Aventine have just produced the first of a large range covering the Early/Middle Imperial Roman period 160-190AD. The first packs include 7 sets of 4 legionaries in Lorica Segmentata and 2 command packs, more will follow in mail and scale. The first figures all have Nieder Mormter helmets but we will be adding three more different ones soon. 28mm in white metal.
Aventine Miniatures have released new sets of Legionaries.

EIR Legionaries with manica and greaves

From their website:

We have just added two packs of EIR 160-190 AD legionaries to our shop. This is a new range and we plan on something in the order of our other ranges, in other words there will be a few of these. The initial releases will cover the basic Legionaries and the commands with both sword and pila armed poses. They are styled in Lorica Segmentata and Nieder Mormter helmets. They are 28mm from ground to eye, in white metal and come with weapons and shields. The standard infantry packs are £4.50 for 4 figures and the commands will be £5 for 4 figures. Discuss
Aventine Miniatures have released the first of several sets of 28mm Hoplites of Magna Graecia. Hoplites From their website:
We have just added the first two packs of our Hoplite range. These have been designed to represent the Hoplites from the Southern Italian city states in the 3rd century BC. Two more packs will be added early next week.
Aventine Miniatures have released two packs of 28mm Macedonian Phalanx command figures. Macedonian Phalanx command figures From their announcement:
We have just added two command packs to the store. They have 2 musicians and 2 officer/file leader/standard bearer figures each. They are 28mm and in lead alloy. This completes the standing section of the phalanx range with Tarentine variants coming soon then it is on with the advancing poses. Each pack is £5.00. We have now five 16 figure unit deals in various combinations. We have listed them in 16s to allow the creation of larger units by adding 2 or more together to get the mix of armours and command desired. We have also a new shield for them, a rimless shield the same diameter as the rimed one AVS13. We can supply either upon request. There are now 56 different figures in this section and with more Tarentine versions to come we can see two 32 figure units with no two figures the same being fielded.  
Aventine Miniatures have released a set of 28mm Phalanx miniatures. Standing armoured pikemen From their announcement:
The first packs of standing armoured pikemen have just been added to our on-line shop. Linothorax figures will be added shortly with Tarentine variants following a command pack. We have also added a Standing senior foot command pack and a pack of file leaders. This range will also include advancing Pikemen in two different stances and unarmoured variants in all poses. All figures are 28mm and will include Northstar NS102 100mm pikes and AVS13 shields. A rimless shield is in preparation and will be added as an option soon.
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