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Attack on Titan

After a small series of delays, the new Attack on Titan: The Last Stand game is now available from Japanime Games. The Titans have broken through Wall Maria and are making for the supply depot. It's u
I've heard a lot of good things about the Attack on Titan anime. But, with so many things, I've just not gotten around to watching it. I might just do so, though, as it seems to be a favorite of many
Humanity lives in fear. Outside the massive walls of the city, giant titans roam. The only thing the titans seem to want to do is to bash down the walls, rampage through the city, and eat humans. It's
In a couple months, Cryptozoic will be coming out with the Attack On Titan Deck-Building Game. It puts players in the role of defenders of humanity against the rampaging Titans as they run through the
Cryptozoic Entertainment and Don't Panic Games have teamed up, super-hero-style, to bring you new games based on the popular Attack on Titan series of manga and anime. The first of these new games is